Kanye West In ‘Angry Mode’ Over Kim Kardashian While Dating Julia Fox

Kanye WestDating may be possible Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox, but he apparently still hasn’t given up hope of reuniting with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian. West, who legally changed his name to Ye last year, is reportedly still pursuing Kardashian despite his whirlwind romance with Fox and Kardashian’s new relationship with SNL’sPete Davidson. Here’s why some believe West’s latest actions prove he’s still not over the former Keep up with the Kardashians star. 

Looking Back At Kim Kardashian, Kanye West In 2021

Kanye West’s last year was an emotional rollercoaster ride with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian. Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021 after having spent much of 2020 without West. At first, things were difficult for Kardashian and West. Kardashian allegedly demanded that West call his security team to contact him. 

As the months went on, however, the two began to co-parent successfully, and Kardashian even attended several of West’s DondaHe has also been involved in promotional events. She even donned a wedding dress to recreate the pair’s 2014 nuptials. Kardashian began dating shortly after things looked up for the former couple. SNLStar Pete Davidson was killed in a public confrontation with Kardashian. 

Julia Fox Raises a New Romance

Despite Kardashian’s public pleas and assurances that the marriage was not over, West continued to be with other women. His latest relationship with actress Julia Fox has raised some eyebrows, along with West’s other recent antics. 

West’s second date with Fox featured the rapper surprising the actress with a brand new wardrobe, which she then modeled for him in their New York City hotel room according to her sit-down with Interview Magazine. This particular detail caught the attention of many since it was similar to how West charmed Kardashian back when they first started dating. 

In other news, West bought a home directly across the street from where Kardashian resides with the former couple’s four children. While this could just be proof of West’s commitment to peacefully co-parent with Kardashian, some have decreed his real estate purchase as creepy and invasive. 

Sources Speak Out About West’s State Of Mind

A source PageSix was contacted about West’s contradictory pursuit of his soon-to-be ex-wife, claiming that West is “clearly hurting” over Kardashian’s new relationship with Davidson and his very public romancing of Fox is just “a ploy to get under ex Kim Kardashian’s skin.”A second source was added “It’s a desperate play for attention,” continuing, “He publicly fights for his family back, and then he’s linked to all these different girls. It’s very strange.”

Whatever the case may be, it’s becoming clear that Kardashian has moved on from their marriage, since just days after West begged her to “run back”She asked the court to declare her legally married to him. His failure to succeed in this arena is alleged to have made him mad and undone all of the work that the former couple had done together over the last year for the benefit of their children. 

According to the first source, “Kanye is back in angry mode. He has gone back to telling Kim not to call him directly, but to call his security to make arrangements for the kids.” We obviously are not close enough to either West or Kardashian to verify the sources’ claims, so we can’t in good faith present their side as the absolute truth.

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