Kanye West allegedly feels about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson while he enters a new romance

Kanye West allegedly feels about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson while he enters a new romance

Kanye West was making an effort to win back Kim Kardashian as the weeks drew to a close in 2021. Kanye West even admitted to all the wrongdoings and errors in their relationship, which led to Kim Kardashian filing for divorce in February. The rapper has been linked to three other women in the same time frame. While his current romance is just beginning, West appears to still have feelings for Kardashian and her new beau, Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian has hosted the show since its inception. Saturday Night LiveShe was seen with Pete Davidson more than once in October. However, the Keeping up with the KardashiansStar and SNLIn fact, the alum were spotted together earlier this week on what looked like an enjoyable vacation in The Bahamas. Entertainment Tonight. Kanye West was casually looking in the meantime. Uncut GemsJulia Fox, actress However, a source has yet to be identified. ETIt was suggested that West may be a bit unsure of his feelings at the moment. They stated:

Pete and Kim had an amazing time on their trip in the Bahamas. They continue to have fun together. Kanye is still not thrilled by Pete’s and Kims relationship but is trying his best to keep busy, distracted, and fulfilled with his life.

It would be considered disorienting to put it mildly. Coincidentally, not long after news of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Bahama trip broke, Ye and Julia Fox have apparently taken their own romance to new heights. (Or maybe they’re just punking us.) Fox shared the following: Interview MagazineThey had “an instant connection” “decided to keep the energy going.”According to West, the actress brought West to her on their second date. She had filled her hotel room with clothing. “real Cinderella moment.”The rapper was also “directed an entire photoshoot”During their date. Check out these outtakes:

Kanye West’s obsession with SKIMS founder, despite having already dated other people, is giving off serious Scott Disick/Kourtney Kardashian vibes. They also had a long-lasting relationship that ended in divorce. Disick was also open about his affection for Kardashian, even when he was in relationships with others. He’s been open about his feelings even when Kourtney is dating/now engaged to other people.

Scott Disick seems to be just as cool as Kanye West about Kim Kardashian’s new relationship. Kardashian has not shared the details of her life with Pete Davidson yet, and Andy Cohen was unable to get Kris Jenner’s attention on New Years Eve. Kardashian seems to be focusing her attention on her divorce and possibly feeling out the new romantic dynamics as they develop.

It seems that the famous reality TV family is going in surprising directions. Kimye’s family drama and others will hopefully be documented in their forthcoming Hulu show. The Kardashians.

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