Just-Released 911 Call: Fatal Alligator Attack on an 80-Year Old Who fell into the Florida Golf Course Pond


Newly released 911 call details the harrowing aftermath of a fatal alligator attack in Florida.

Rose Wiegand, age 80, was reported to have fallen down a slope and fell into a Boca Royale Golf and Country Club pond.

According to police reports, one gator grabbed her by “her right arm and the other alligator had her by her left hand pulling her under.”

According to a 70-year-old golfer, he saved his friend by jumping in to save her.

“She was screaming. I tried to get to her and she went under,”He relayed his story to the 911 dispatcher. “I just couldn’t find her. I thought I was gonna die. Oh God, my chest hurts.”

Another golfer came to the 70-year-old’s aid and came back with the grim news.

“I see the woman. She’s just floating in the water. She’s dead,”He said. 

Ron Magill, wildlife expert, believes that alligators are an endangered species. “act on instinct when something drops in the water.”

“They interpret that as something like a bird falling out of a nest, a rodent maybe falling in or something getting a drink. And their instinct is to grab it,”Magill.

Kurt Kauffman, a neighbor says Wiegand was loved in the community.

“She knew everybody’s name. She was just a kind soul. She was a really nice person. It’s very sad,” Kauffman said.

Kauffman says that alligators are quite common on the golf course. 

According to police, the brave bystander who bravely jumped in the pond suffered a heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. Inside Edition hears from his son that he is still shaken but will soon be fine.


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