June Domestic Box Office Reached a New COVID-Era Record, Best in Two and a Half Years

Another step in the direction of restoring pre-pandemic numbers to the domestic box office was June’s close with $975-980 millions. This is the highest monthly total since the theaters were reopened.

This result is unbeatable $920 millionThe December 2018 box office gross was $1.14 billion. This is just short of making it the first $1-billion monthly total. The calendar is odd in that it fell short of $1 billion. If June ended on a Friday, the totals would have reached $1.14 billion.

It’s worth noting that last December’s windfall was driven largely by the record-setting performance of Sony/Marvel’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home,”It generated $62 million in domestic revenue for December, which was 62% of the total.

Why ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’ Can Succeed at the Box Office Where ‘Lightyear’ Failed

By contrast, Paramount/Skydance’s “Top Gun: Maverick,” the highest-grossing film of the year with over $530 million grossed domestically, is accounting for approximately 36% of this past month’s overall domestic total. Universal’s “Jurassic World: Dominion” has also carried a significant portion of the load with $310 million grossed so far, with smaller contributions coming from films like Disney/Pixar’s “Lightyear” and Warner Bros.’ “Elvis.”

Cinemark noted that Cinemark’s opening weekend was the best since the shutdown. This is a new record for post-shutdown success. “Jurassic World: Dominion”The fourth-highest box office weekend of 2019 would have been June 8, with total gross of $216 million.

Cinemark attributed this success to extremely high customer confidence in moviegoing, with this month’s NRG poll showing that 87% of those surveyed were “very or somewhat comfortable”Go to the movies. The chain’s internal data found that on the opening weekend “Top Gun: Maverick,”25% of Cinemark’s customers purchased tickets to see the film. 30% were 55 years old or older.

“We have consistently stated that a steady stream of diverse, compelling new film content, along with improving moviegoer sentiment, would be driving forces behind the reignition of theatrical exhibition. We were thrilled to see these two factors play out throughout the month of June,”Sean Gamble is Cinemark’s President and CEO. “We commend our studio partners for creating and releasing such high-quality films that were clearly made to be seen on the big screen and resonated with audiences around the world. These films were elevated by the phenomenal work of our entire Cinemark team in delivering a truly cinematic, premium out-of-home entertainment experience to the millions of moviegoers who visited our theatres.”

With multiple films performing well at the box office, July is set to be another strong month for movie theaters with Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Love & Thunder”With a $170million-plus opening weekend, Universal is expected to be the leader of the charge. Universal will also have a strong month, as expected with the Illumination animated feature. “Minions: The Rise of Gru”The film is expected to gross at least $70million this weekend. Jordan Peele’s previous films are also projected to do so. “Get Out”And “Us”Each made $176 million in domestic sales, and will release his third movie. “Nope”Universal on July 22,

When Comscore reports the June totals, this story will be updated.

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