Julia And Josiah Tell All On Below Deck Med Galley Talk

Julia And Josiah Tell All On Below Deck Med Galley Talk

So, barring “Below Deck Med Galley Talk,” what’s next for you professionally? Do you plan to reenter full-time yachting life?

Josiah Carter: I think for me, it’s really hard to be full-time, because you’ll be away for potentially 10 months of the year — away from family and friends, and I really enjoy a nice big bed, and my own space. Yes, I would absolutely do a series here or there. Absolutely. It is a pleasure. It’s a great thing to do. It can be tiring, time-consuming and very tedious. But the rewards are incredible. While you’re far from your loved ones and friends, you still get to see these incredible places. So, yeah, I’m going for yachting for another few years and will let you know how I feel. You can just keep going, really.

That’s great. Julia, it seems like you have largely left the yachting life. Your entrepreneurship with Myrtle & Maude, it seems to be going great. What are the pros and cons of leaving yacht life to become a small-business owner?

Julia d’Albert Pusey: Yeah. What do you know? It can be a very strange job when you work in yachting. I didn’t commit fully to yachting despite having a long career in it. I was very much — I dipped in and out. However, I find it quite difficult for people to make the transition. And it is quite hard, it’s just such a different lifestyle, to being on land [compared] to on sea. It is not easy, I know. 

However, I have a husband, a dog and I feel like I am on solid ground. But yet, business is going well, [I] absolutely love doing that. It’s very stressful, [a] different kind of stress to yachting. But I do miss yachting. Watching “Below Deck,” me and Josiah are like, “Aw no, kind of making me jealous.” But it’s one of them games, where it’s good to get into when you’re younger, exhaust it, and get out. It is something I miss very much. I miss the sunsets. I miss sleeping on boats because you get such a great sleep, it’s hard to explain. It’s all about the rocking motion. It could be the rocking motion. You don’t have any trouble sleeping. It’s hard to get up in the morning and make my coffee. I miss sitting on the bow. All of it is very much missed. 

As a young woman, I would have gone along with my husband if I could. He has experience working on yachts. He has also worked on Abramovich’s boat, so if I was younger I would have gone along with him. But [it’s] not meant to be anymore, I don’t think.

I’ve gotta be honest, those beds — they look like they’re triangles. They do not appear comfortable. I don’t know because I’ve never been on super yachts.

Josiah: They are actually surprisingly comfortable.

Julia: They are comfortable, but they do look like a prison bed.

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