Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband Austin breaks down after learning they are expecting a third child.

JOYANNA Duggar and Austin shared video from their emotional moment when they found out they were having a baby.

After the Counting On alum performed a pregnancy test, the couple cried together.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth got emotional in a video about their pregnancy


Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth and their baby got very emotional in a video.Credit: YOUTUBE/FollowtheForsyths
The couple revealed the moment they learned they were expecting


The moment they found out they were pregnant, the couple shared it with their friends.Credit: YOUTUBE/FollowtheForsyths

Joy-Anna, 24 years old, shared a YouTube clip from the moment she found out that Austin was having another child.

The video began with her alone in the bathroom on a trip to Alaska. She was saying something to the camera. “I think I might be pregnant. We’ve been trying and I’m really excited if we are. If we’re not, that’s fine too.”

She also added: “I’m actually kind of shaking. Like, I’m excited.”

Austin then joined the reality star in the toilet, where they talked about their desire to have another baby.

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Joy-Anna stated in the video: “Ok, well….We’ve been trying and we’re both ready to have No. 3.”

Austin then ran in and said: “Or maybe No. 3 and four. That would be a lot of work.”

The mom of two then began to cry, leaning on her man, as she explained: “We’re at a really good spot right now. We love our family. We’re ready to expand and so we’re really, really hoping we get pregnant. It’d be great if it was twins. It’d be fun.

“Anyway so we’re gonna look at the test in just a second. It’s gonna tell us pregnant or not pregnant and I will be happy either way but I would love, love, love to have No. 3.”

The majority of people read Entertainment.

She held the wrapped test in her hands and said: “Ok here’s the pregnancy test. I feel like I should wait to open it. I don’t know why. How do you tell if it’s time?”

Austin received it and pulled out the test to reveal the results.

He was steadfast as he gave it to his wife.

She began to cry when she saw the result and hugged Austin as she sat next to her.

Joy-Anna exclaimed: “We’re pregnant. We’re having a baby, babe. We’re having a baby. Oh my goodness.

I’m so excited.”

She also added: “Man these tests are good because I’m like four days early and that is incredible.”


Joy-Anna, Austin and Austin announced their pregnancy earlier in the week.

The reality star posted the happy news on Instagram Wednesday as she posed beside her husband.

As the young husband and wife caressed, he gave his wife a kiss while he showed her ultrasound photos.

Joy-Anna and Austin posed for a second picture with their two children Gideon, aged four, and Evelyn at two.

The proud parents looked at each other with loving expressions, while their children smiled brightly at camera.

Evelyn proudly held the ultrasound photos while she proudly displayed her future sister.

Joy-Anna captioned Joy-Anna’s post: “Baby #3 is on the way! Full Video Is On YouTube Now! *link in bio*.”

Fans have speculated for some time about what TLC’s star might be expecting. There are a number of clues on social media.

In August, the TV personality fueled speculation after she was spotted hiding behind family members in photos.

The Duggar family gathered to celebrate their sister-in-law Abbie’s baby shower.

The party was attended by many people who shared sweet snaps including one featuring several Duggar women and their families.

One such photo, shared by Esther Bates, shows Joy-Anna hiding behind pregnant Abbie.

She covered her midsection with a baggy gingham shirt as she turned away from the camera.

Reddit users shared other snaps from the celebration, which give a slightly better view of Joy-Anna’s stomach.

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While not uncommon due to the Duggar modesty standards, fans thought it could be a clue.

Reddit user: “Joy is probably pregnant again.”

Joy-Anna sobbed, revealing that she and her husband were "ready" for another child


Joy-Anna cried, and revealed that her husband was also there. “ready”For another childCredit: YOUTUBE/FollowtheForsyths
The pair announced the pregnancy earlier this week


The couple announced their pregnancy earlier in the week/Joy-Anna Duggar
They shared a series of sweet photos with their two other children Gideon and Evelyn


They shared sweet photos with Gideon, Evelyn, their other children./Joy-Anna Duggar

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