Joy-Anna Duggar’s 5-year-old son Gideon has left fans worried after he showed off his ‘puffy and swollen eyes’ in a new clip

After noticing Gideon’s extremely puffy, swollen and red eyes in the new video of Joy-Anna, fans expressed their concern.

The Counting On actor has given her fans updates about her life while she is awaiting the birth her third child.

Joy-Anna recently recorded a vlog of her family life


Joy-Anna recorded a recent vlog about her family’s lifeCredit: YouTube/FollowtheForsyths
She and her husband Austin helped their son Gideon pull his first tooth


Austin and She helped Gideon to pull out his first toothCredit: YouTube/FollowtheForsyths
The little boy had extremely puffy and red eyes after the process


After the procedure, his eyes were extremely red and puffy.Credit: YouTube/FollowtheForsyths

Fans expressed concern when Joy-Anna shared a clip of her five year old son Gideon pulling his very first tooth.

She was adamant about her decision. You Tube profile It was her intention to upload a home video on Friday evening.

She and husband Austin Forsyth recorded their son’s tooth pulling as they assisted him.

It was difficult for the couple to remove the dental floss with minimal pain.

Pregnant Joy-Anna shows off massive baby bump in new vid
Joy-Anna Duggar shocks husband Austin with surprise baby prank at the hospital

The child’s eyes, though they said he was brave, were red, swollen, and stained with tears as he awaited tooth extraction.

Gideon cried and his parents used tissues to try and stop the bleeding after Austin removed the baby’s tooth.


Fans were worried for the boy’s health, and took to comments to express their concern.

“Gideon’s a courageous little boy.” He looks like a miserable little kid with all his allergies. One person wrote: “I wish he would get better soon.”

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Gideon is a very big boy. “But his precious allergies and eyes,” another noted.

Another said: “Poor Gideon!” As I suffer from allergies, I understand how miserable they can be.

The poor little boy is suffering with allergies. A fourth person wished that he would feel better as soon as possible.

I’m praying for you, Joy. Gideon’s allergies make him look miserable. I hope Gideon feels better very soon.” a fifth remarked.

A final said, “His poor little eyeballs look so swollen.”


Joy-Anna recently revealed that she’s just weeks away from welcoming her third child with her husband Austin Forsyth.

This week the 25-yearold posted a social media video showing her growing baby bump.

She was promoting hair removal and showed her bump at the end of the clip.

The former TLC star turned to the side, resting a hand on the top of her belly.

The fact that she smiled the entire clip suggests her good mood.

After learning that she is pregnant, Joy-Anna keeps her fans updated on the progress of her pregnancy.

In a video on YouTube, she captured that moment when the test came back positive.

This mom of two has shared not only updates, but also doctor appointments and sonogram pictures.


Late last week, Joy-Anna posted a new YouTube video that featured a little pregnancy-related prank on her husband Austin.

It was called “CONTRACTIONS!” “Baby Time Already?!”

She was seated in the back seat of a car, with Gideon and Evelyn. “We’re out the hospital now and everything looks good.”

It was so bizarre. “Baby Boy was moving around a lot. I actually had contractions.” It was not consistent, and the nurse told me that this is normal. He looks great.”

She told her fans that the visit to the hospital was an excuse to pull a prank on husband.

“I called Austin. “Hey, are you ready to give birth?” I told him, ‘I am in the ER. I said, “I’m in the ER.” He looked at me like, “What? The soon-to be mother of three shared.

TLC’s star shared footage of the joke, which showed her lying in what appeared to be a hospital-style bed on FaceTime while talking with Austin.

He was surprised when she told him that she had gone to the emergency room.

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Joy-Anna, in her car outside the Hospital was next filmed.

She told her fans, “I did not trick him.” He was aware that I had just manipulated him.

Joy-Anna is just weeks away from having her third child


Joy-Anna has just a few more weeks to go before she gives birth to her third baby/joy4site
She recently played a prank on her husband Austin about her childbirth


She played a trick on her husband Austin recently about the birth of her daughterCredit: YouTube

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