Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth’s Sex Reveal for Baby No. 3 Surprised Her

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's Sex Reveal for Baby No. 3 Surprised Her

In a YouTube video, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that her older sister, Jana Duggar, was given the honor of learning the baby’s sex before everyone else — and she was also tasked with figuring out how to fill balloons with pink and blue confetti and powder for the gender reveal party. The balloons were then attached to a giant dartboard, and the Forsyths took turns throwing darts at each other (above). Joy-Anna And Austin Forsyth realized they were having a boy when they saw more balloons with the blue mixture being popped.

Joy-Anna’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had previously predicted that she would have a girl. “I am completely shocked. I like 100 percent thought it was a girl, convinced myself it was a girl,”Joy-Anna “I was waiting for two of those balloons to be pink and they weren’t. … I’m so happy.”Forsyth said that he was also shocked. “If it was a girl I’d be just as happy, but I’m really glad that Gideon is going to have a little brother,”He stated.

Surprise! Joy-Anna’s sister Jill Duggar was present at the party. A member of DuggarsSnarkSubreddit saw Jill sitting near Jim Bob. Interview with Jill in 2020 PeopleJill stated that her relationship with her parents was strained since her marriage to Derick Dillard ended. “Counting On.”

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