Jonathan Bailey says ‘Bridgerton Sex Scenes are Less Expensive for Men’

  • Jonathan Bailey spoke out about the sex scenes. “Bridgerton”Season 2 with Central Recorderday Times. 
  • He said that the scenes were shot with the female gaze despite the fact that they are still “less exposing”Men. 
  • Bailey stated that he wanted Simone Ashley to feel comfortable on set. 

Jonathan Bailey stated that he was very attentive to his. “Bridgerton”Simone Ashley, costar, to ensure she was comfortable filming intimate scenes of their characters.

“For a man it is less exposing,”The 33-year-old spoke in an interview with Central Recorderday TimesPublished Sunday, adding: “I wanted to make sure Simone felt safe as a newcomer on set.”

Ashley was previously well-known for her role in Olivia Hanan.


‘s “Sex Education,”As Kate Sharma, Bailey’s love interest, I joined the Shondaland season two cast.

Their lovers-to-enemies romance was built on the framework laid out by Julia Quinn’s 2000 novel “The Viscount Who Loved Me,”She is at the forefront the Regency drama’s second season, which will premiere March 25. 

kate sharma anthony bridgerton season two

Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton

Liam Daniel/Netflix

The protagonists may be different this time around — Regé-Jean Page is notably absent as the Duke of Hastings and his on-screen counterpart Phoebe Dynevor takes a backseat as Daphne — but the show’s most intimate moments will continue to be shot from the “female gaze,”Bailey said so to Central Recorderday Times. 

Style gives women autonomy and empowerment in their pleasures and sexuality. “Bridgerton,”Bailey said previously in an interview with Entertainment WeeklyEarly February

“There are many ways people communicate by sex, and what sex means, and what your body means to someone else. It’s important that there’s an inversion of sexuality and how people are exploited in the storytelling of sex,”He explained.

bridgerton season 2 simone ashley anthony bridgerton

“Bridgerton”Season two premieres March 25,


Bailey explained to Central Recorderday Times that the actors worked closely with professional intimacy coordinators in order to communicate and understand their boundaries.

Before shooting sex scenes, Bailey and Ashley signed a contract spelling out exactly what they were and were not willing to show on-screen — consenting to details from “which bit of skin”They would expose to “where” “how”They would be touched.

“No one goes into a scene quaking, worrying about how it will go — if you are concerned you can talk to them,”The actor said that he was continuing to act for the publication. “It turns sex scenes into a choreographed dance.”

Season one’s intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot returned to the show for new episodes. Joshua Okpala, who previously worked for the series, joined her. “The Weekend Away”(2022) & Anatomy Of A Scandal” (2022). 

Bridgerton second season first look

Season two: Anthony and Kate “Bridgerton.”


Bailey apparently made more effort to make Ashley feel welcomed and included in the ensemble cast, besides checking in with Ashley about the show’s much-talked-about scenes of sex. 

Ashley started telling the story on her first day of being on set Glamour UKA bouquet of flowers was found in her trailer. It was addressed to her by her costar. According to the actress, 26-years-old, she made it a point of leaving Bailey’s favorite snacks in her trailer as a token of appreciation.

Their gift-swapping habits began. 

“We had a very unspoken rhythm going on in that sense, leaving gifts in each other’s trailers,”She spoke to the magazine. 

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