Jonah Hill, a ‘Zoey 101″ actress claims to have forced himself upon her when she was 16,

Jonah Hill, a 'Zoey 101" actress claims to have forced himself upon her when she was 16,

Jonah Hill was accused of “predatory behavior” by formerZoey 101Alexa Nikolas is a child actress who recounted a alleged incident that occurred during her teenage years. She did this on Twitter at the weekend. Nikolas said that her remarks were in response a series Instagram posts made by Hill Brady, Hill’s ex-girlfriend, who accused him as an “emotionally abuse,” “misogynistic” narcissist. Nikolas’ first tweet, dated July 8, stated: “After Sarah Brady’s admirable post on #JonahHill… I just gotta mention when I turned 16, I was invited by #justinlong to his house for a birthday party.” As Nikolas noted in her first tweet on July 8th, “After reading Sarah Brady’s admirable post about #JonahHill I just gotta say when I was 16 I got invited to a house party at #justinlongs house.”TweetPostings SaturdayZoey 101Former star, now 31 years old, claimed that the actor offered to give her a smoke. Nikolas said that Hill assaulted after the two went out to smoke. “#JonahHill refused to give me the cigar which I found odd and as we were walking back to the entrance I asked for it. He said nothing and just slammed my door, shoved his tongue into my throat and left.”Affirmative. “I was appalled, I shoved him away from me and went inside.

Martin Singer, Hill’s litigation lawyer, toldDeadlineNikolas claimed the allegations were a “complete fabrication”, and it “never occurred.” Singer called Nikolas a “serial accuser” who is “demonstrably not reliable.” Nikolas toldPage SixShe was horrified by the reported altercation with 21 Jump Street actor. She says, “I felt angry and scared because I was a kid.” It wasn’t the only time she had been abused as a young child. ASeparate TweetFrom the actress, it was claimed that this alleged incident took place when she was 16, and the actor at 24. Nikolas stated that “I was drunk from their alcohol, and none of it helped me in making my decisions afterward.”Page Six. This was way before Uber or Lyft, and I hadn’t yet learned to drive.

NikolasClaim on Twitter. She explained that the actors knew she was young because it had been mentioned before their arrival. The actress said that she remembered her friend telling them that we couldn’t tell anyone that we were heading there because we are young and that the press would take it badly if they found out because they were all so famous. Nikolas claimed that after they had arrived, partygoers were making “jokes about youth” all evening. The partygoers made “jokes” about their “youth” throughout the evening, Nikolas claimed.[They] At one time [were] The Nickelodeon star alleged that the alum was “pretending to steal a drink and giving it back with laughter.” “‘Zoey 101’ was even mentioned … Nothing was hidden on our end that’s for sure. … Our age just seemed to encourage secrecy and jokes amongst one another.”

You can also find out more about the following:a tweet directed at LongNikolas wrote to Nikolas at 45: “I find you interesting being in Barbarian, as a predator. It must have felt strange to play some of your close friends. Long’s representative toldPage SixThis is the first instance Justin was made aware of a situation which allegedly occurred nearly 20 years ago. Justin sympathizes with all abuse victims, but the fact is that he does not know what happened to Ms. Nikolas.” Nikolas.” I don’t really think that the culture of Hollywood has changed, she said. Which is why I madePredators are a threat to human health. The time has come for accountability. “Power to the survivors.” NikolasShe filed a case in 2021 against the ex-husbandMichael Milosh was the husband she had when she turned 19. Milosh, she claimed, sexually assaulted and abused her, as well as groomed. Eventually,She dismissed the caseBut she promised to resubmit the form later. The actress stated in her Twitter post on Saturday that she had been “traumatized” by Hollywood men. The traumatic experiences I’ve etched into my mind and body are truly tragic. “Things have to change.”

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