Jon Stewart said he “lost his temper” after getting offended by right-wing journalists in DC

Former members of Congress are calling for a bill to provide veterans with healthcare in DC. Daily ShowJon Stewart and Jack Posobiec, right-wing journalists, got into a heated argument.

Stewart, a vocal advocate for veterans, was present in DC to celebrate Senate’s passing. Honoring Our PACT Act. However, 41 Republican senators voted in opposition to the bill, preventing it from moving forward.

Stewart became furious and turned his anger toward the media, blaming those who opposed it.

Stewart was approached by Raheem Kassam, a fellow journalist from the ring-wing, and Posobiec with questions about the bill. However, the exchange turned ugly with Stewart shouting in Posobiec’s face.

The intense exchange between Stewart, Posobiec and Posobiec were captured on video. Posted to Twitter.

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Stewart shouts in the video that Posobiec is his name “troll” “not in good faith”.

Kassam posted the video on the social media platform, saying that he and Posobiec were in it. “asked some pretty ordinary questions, and Jon began screaming in our faces for about 10 minutes.”

Although it is not clear what sparked the dispute between the men, Stewart might have believed that the journalist’s questions were intended to create views and not advance understanding of the topic.

Stewart has tirelessly defended legislation relating to veteran’s care. Stewart helped to secure the 2019 permanent authorization of the September 11th Victims’ Compensation Fund.

Later on, Posobiec Posted a videoStewart looked calmer and explained his reasons to Stewart “lost in temper”He thought he was “being trolled.”

“Jon Stewart and I have decided to come to an agreement,”Posobiec spoke in his video.

“I lost my temper a little bit I felt like I was being trolled and I realize that the important thing is just gotta get this done for these guys and get them over the finish line,”Stewart said.

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