Johnny Depp makes his feelings about Amber Heard’s Appeal crystal clear


Johnny Depp makes his feelings about Amber Heard's Appeal crystal clear

Johnny Depp is working hard to get his career on track. Amber Heard wants justice, because the verdict in the original defamation case was not right in her eyes. As noted by DeadlineHeard’s legal staff joined the appeal train immediately after the decision was rendered by the jury. attorney Elaine BredehoftHeard was doubled down “demonize[d]”Depp’s defense. 

Heard claims that she was lying to the court. But her ex-husband and legal team quickly dismissed her appeal. They stated that the actress was not guilty. “has identified no legitimate basis to set aside in any respect the jury’s decision.”

“The verdict was well supported by the overwhelming evidence, consistent with the law, and should not be set aside,”The “Pirates of the Caribbean”Star’s legal team claimed in their filing documents. “Mr. Depp respectfully submits that the Court should deny Ms. Heard’s Post-Trial Motions, which verge into the frivolous.” 

For the more complex, “Aquaman” actress, Heard’s insurance company — New York Marine and General Insurance — will not assist her in paying Depp the $10.4 million she owes him, even though she was counting on the insurance payout. Heard took the matter to court. New York Marine Insurance, General Insurance, and a California lawsuit show (per). Yahoo! News). Depp has stated that he does not intend to face another defamation trial. Heard’s legal challenges are growing.


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