John Witherspoon Widow Angela looks stunning In swimsuit while Enjoying the Beach in video!

Angela Witherspoon (widow of John Witherspoon), looked radiant while having fun on Barbados’s beaches in a video she shared. 

American comedian and actor John Witherspoon was famous for portraying Willie Jones in the “Friday” Series and Earned The third installment will be a million dollars. “Friday After Next.”

He was a star in films like “Hollywood Shuffle,” “Vampire in Brooklyn, “There are many others. Witherspoon has also been seen on TV shows such as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “The Wayans Bros.,” “Tracy Morgan Show,” “The Boondocks,” “Black Jesus.”

John Witherspoon Widow Angela looks stunning In swimsuit while Enjoying the Beach in video!

Photo collage featuring late John Witherspoon, and Angela Witherspoon.

John married his wife, Jane, in 1988. Angela Witherspoon. Alexander and John David were the two sons of the couple. John and Angela were still married until Alexander’s death on October 30, 2019.

John was 77 at the time he died. His death certificate revealed he died of a heart attack and was suffering from coronary heart disease. High blood pressure and obesity were also factors that contributed to his death.

Angela has been able to get over the shock of losing her husband almost two years ago and is slowly getting back to her best self.

John Witherspoon “The Late Show with David Letterman” February 22, 2012, at the Ed Sullivan Theater

Recently, the 67-year-old shared Video showing her having fun at a beach during her vacation in Barbados. Angela is wearing a black and white swimsuit.

Standing at the shoreline, she held her camera up to capture the water behind her and a view of the island. As she was doing so, she said that Barbados was great.

Angela and he made a deal to have full control over the final edit of the film.

Angela also stated that she is looking forward to returning there. She said that the island was lovely and the water was fantastic. She finished the video with a kiss.

Angela is an actress, filmmaker, and she began her acting career when she was given her first speaking role alongside Eddie Murphy. “48 Hours.”She has appeared in television series and films like “Ugly Betty,” “Criminal Minds,” “L.A. Law,”… and many other things.

She is also a filmmaker, and Richard Lawson encouraged her to follow that path. She directed her first short movie. “Last Call,”In 2013, she has more documentaries and short films in her profile.

Angela is more famous as John’s spouse. They shared many precious memories and made many happy times together while he was still alive. Both faced their fair share of difficulties.

They were there in April 2019. suedFor allegedly seizing control of the play of a writer. Ronald Grant sued John & Angela over a film called “Curtsy, Mister.”

Angela and Grant were friends for many years and he agreed to make a short movie based on the play that he had written. Grant said that the play was his personal memoir, detailing his rise to fame and his experiences.

Angela and he had a deal that he would have full control over the final edit of the film. Angela did not follow through. Instead, she cut off his access, which left him with depression and other symptoms.

Angela looks radiant and happy after the court battles, and the loss of her husband. We hope she has many more such experiences.

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