Joey Lawrence, The Masked Singer’s Waltus, had a hit way back in the 90s

Joey Lawrence, The Masked Singer's Waltus, had a hit way back in the 90s

Joey Lawrence was born in 1993. Had a hitIt peaked at No. 19 on Billboard Hot 100. The song’s title is “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix,”The track is as close to the ’90s as one can imagine. The song’s lyrics are even more impressive. VideoThis outfit screams 1993 from the flannels down to the leather jacket.

Interview with Hollywood Life?, “Blossom”Star said it was a while since he last performed live music, but now he is ready to jump-start music. “It was a challenge. I haven’t performed live in 13-14 years,”Lawrence. “Just recently, I’ve been releasing some new music, and it’s been doing super good. That’s going to continue in ’23 as well.”He said that he was particularly proud of his performance. “The Masked Singer”Because of the Walrus costume’s impact on his mobility, it was quite a challenge. “Those costumes are always the most difficult ones to maneuver in, obviously, because you can’t even grip anything,”He told the outlet. “You don’t have hands, you don’t have feet, your legs don’t move because they’re locked into those pants. You can’t see anything.”

Lawrence gave a great performance despite all the difficulties and maybe even rekindled interest in his music career.

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