Joel Madden to Host ‘Ink Master’ Premiere Date at Paramount+

Get your tattoo machines ready: “Ink Master”The show will be back on September 7, with a new host, and a new crop judges.

Paramount+ will be the exclusive broadcaster of this iconic series. Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) is the host. Season 8 winner Ryan Ashley and celebrity tattoo artist Nikkohurtado are the judges. Former host Dave Navarro will return to the show as Master of Chaos. “crazy twists and game-changing bombs to the competition,”According to a press release.

In the show’s 10-episode comeback season, legendary, fan-favorite artists will return to compete for the biggest prize yet: $250,000, and of course, the title of Ink Master.

Madden is the founder of Veeps Music and MDDN. He is also known for fronting the pop-punk band Good Charlotte and is very tatted. Ashley was the first female artist ever to win. “Ink Master,”Hurtado is a world-recognized artist in color realism and James is an expert in Japanese tattoos with over 30 year experience.

“The legends will need to prove they possess the high level skills that sets an Ink Master apart: composition, precision, color theory, finesse, stamina and endurance,”The press release says. “With stakes higher than they’ve ever been, a single misstep could send them home and, in the end, only one artist will walk away with the title.”

“Ink Master”MTV Entertainment Studios and Truly Original produced the show. Executive producers include Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock and Andrea Richter. Benjamin Hurvitz and Jessica Zalkind serve as executive producers. Donny Hugo Herran is the executive in charge for production at MTV Entertainment Studios.

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