Joe Millionaire’s Kurt Sowers Already has a Frontrunner, and It Could Backfire

Joe Millionaire's Kurt Sowers Already has a Frontrunner, and It Could Backfire

Warning! This story is about the third episode Joe Millionaire: Richer, Poorer, “Admit It, You’re a Gold Digger.”

Kurt SowersAnd Steven McBeeThey continued on their quest to find a woman who will love them, despite their large bank accounts. Joe Millionaire: Richer, PoorerThey almost seem ready to wrap the deal, Reality dating competition already. In “Admit It, You’re a Gold Digger,”Sowers Carolyn MooreThey picked up from where they left off after Fox’s two-hour premiere — and that’s to say they continued making googly eyes at each other. This connection seems riddled with red flags, especially this early on, and I think Moore’s position as frontrunner could backfire.

The Gold Digger Challenge saw the women compete to find gold. Carolyn Moore was awarded the top Gold Digging honors and could choose with whom she would like to go on a date. No surprises here — she chose Kurt Sowers. Moore was also able to choose between a high-end date or a casual date. She chose the latter which was bowling. Moore is clearly the frontrunner for Sowers at this point, but here’s why I think they’re setting themselves up for failure.

Carolyn Moore Believes Kurt Sowers is Worth $10 Million 

Each contestant is unsure. Which “Joe”Is the millionaire? — and I’m already tired of what I’m sure will be the weekly session of sitting around asking who everybody thinks the rich one is — but Carolyn Moore seemed to have herself convinced that the construction company CEO was where the money’s at (it’s not). She was open to admitting to the world how great a situation it would be for her and her child. Everyone had fun calling her “the” “Biggest Gold Digger”Due to the date, but Sowers may be right about some of it, and he should find out before it gets further.

Kurt Sowers Doesn’t Like That Carolyn Moore Has Been Married Before

During the premiere, Kurt Sowers mentioned that Carolyn Moore was once married to Kurt Sowers. It wasn’t the fact that Moore has a child, but rather that her ex-husband would inevitably be a part of their lives if they built a future outside the Dating show. Sowers repeated his concerns on their bowling date, and while it’s great that he’s being honest about his apprehension, the fact that this is an issue so early on doesn’t bode well for anything long-term. 

Their mutual attraction is already making things awkward in the house 

Carolyn Moore shared a lot about her bowling date with the women back at home, including the fact they had a few kisses. Some contestants were hesitant about following Sowers, despite Moore telling Kurt Sowers and the women that they should keep working the process and be able to date other people. The women all live together and have formed friendships, so it would definitely be weird to go after your friend’s man if there were another option available. 

Steven McBee is also under pressure because of their quick connection. He was even accused in the last episode of kissing two women at once. TWO women?! This group is my guess. doesn’t watch The Bachelor. McBee is McBee suppose to be? Take on 20-something womenWhile Kurt Sowers is focusing on Carolyn Moore 

I’m excited to see how this situation plays out. Joe Millionaire: Richer, PoorerReturns at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday January 20th on Fox. Our website is available here 2022 TV ScheduleTo see which other shows are coming soon, 

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