Joe Exotic’s health has taken a turn for the worse

Joe Exotic's health has taken a turn for the worse

According to TMZJoe “Exotic”Maldonado Passage was transferred to a facility which may be able to better treat his prostate cancer. He went from Texas to North Carolina. He is still in federal custody. However, TMZ stated that the federal medical centre in Butner (North Carolina) may be able provide more extensive treatment for cancer than Fort Worth, Texas’s Exotic.

John M. Phillips is still working for Exotic. “Tiger King’s” release. In a chat with Law & Crime Daily, shared on TwitterPhillips claimed the federal government “hired witnesses, confidential informants, to essentially get words out of Joe’s mouth”During the initial investigation. Phillips claimed that federal agents had told witnesses something like this: “‘look, this is what the jury needs to hear for Joe to be convicted,'”An allegation that he claims was not dealt with during the trial. He also claimed that this was “textbook entrapment”Exotic wants to try a new trial. 

Season 2 “Tiger King” has been released, and Exotic hyped it on Twitter. He wrote, “#tigerking 2 is going to EXPOSE the truth as to what I have been saying for years,” adding, “IM INNOCENT.”Exotic appears to be in good health. “Tiger King”Star may not have the time or luxury to prove his claims.

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