Jinger Duggar flashes her long legs in tiny shorts as she flouts her family’s strict dress code

JINGER defied her parent’s strict dress code of modesty and long skirts by donning a pair of tiny shorts for a neighborhood walk.

The Counting On star has raised concerns among fans of late who have noticed how little time she’s been spending with her children and how “skinny” she’s looked in photos.

Jinger strutted in a pair of tiny black shorts


Jinger strutted in a pair of tiny black shorts/Jinger Vuolo
Her outfit defied her parent's strict dress code


Her outfit defied her parent’s strict dress code Image Credits: NBC Newswire/NBCUniversal via Ge

Jinger, 27, took to Instagram to share a new photo as she enjoyed a stroll in her neighborhood.

As she smiled at the camera, reality star Jinger wore a bright orange top and revealing black shorts.

It was surprising that the TV personality chose such an unusual outfit, considering she was raised in a fundamentalist Christian family by her parents Jim Bob Duggar (and Michelle Duggar).


The uber-Christian couple has set serious standards of modesty for their 19 children, especially for the women in the family.

Duggar girls grew up with their legs covered in long-sleeved skirts and shirts. They were forbidden from using the internet, watching TV, or cutting their hair.

Jinger has embraced a more modern, revealing look in recent years and has defied her parents.

The TLC star and her husband Jeremy Vuolo raised concerns among fans recently as they were pictured on a “date night.”


Some followers expressed that the couple is rarely “home with their kids” and have been discussing the option of hiring a nanny.

According to their Instagram accounts the Christian couple has been spending a lot of time away from their children Felicity, age two, and Evangeline (age nine months).

The Arkansas native took a selfie earlier this month with her husband as they walked near their Los Angeles home. White string lights were shining in the background.

Though some complimented the duo on the “adorable” picture, others were not so pleased.

“Are you ever at home with your children or are you just always doing photo ops?” one sneered.


Despite Jinger and Jeremy’s social media presence, a source told Central Recorder in January that they suffered marital issues after the birth of their second child.

 “Jinger is especially exhausted, and Jeremy took time off work to help care for the children, but they are looking at hiring a nanny to give them some respite,” They shared their explanation.

They explained that “Things were difficult and they are feeling the strain. But they are doing all they can to keep their family together and spend more time with each other.

“Jinger and Jeremy have started dressing up and cooking at home for a special date night after the girls go to bed, it’s become a cute day for them to reconnect every few weeks.”


Along with relationship concerns, fans have also worried about Jinger’s health as she’s appeared increasingly more “skinny and fragile” in her photos.

The mother of two was seen sitting at the fountain with her bodysuit on and sneakers on.

Fans were stunned by how “thin” she looked, racing to the comments to share their distress.

“She gets skinnier and skinnier in every pic,” One person noticed.

“Jinger looks scary thin,” a second agreed, while another chimed in saying: “She looks like she’s lost so much weight.”

Fans slammed Jinger and Jeremy for always leaving their kids 'at home'


Fans slammed Jinger and Jeremy for always leaving their kids ‘at home’
Some worried about how 'thin' the TV star has become


Some worried about how ‘thin’ the TV star has become Image Credits: Reddit
Jinger also recently defied her parents by chopping off her long hair


Jinger also recently defied her parents by chopping off her long hair @ jeremy_vuolo
Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo insists there are ‘only two religions’ on new spiritual TikTok page

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