Jimmy Buffett will cover the AJR coverage of Summerfest 2023.

We take a look back at the Summerfest lineup to see what other acts have been cancelled.

Jimmy Buffett was to play at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater, on Saturday, July 6, as a Margaritaville musician. Buffett is 76 years old. Buffett’s replacement at the Festival is indie-pop group AJR who are touring with Imagine Dragons. Here’s what we know about the changes to the lineup as well as other cancellations ahead of this year’s Summerfest.

Jimmy Buffett cancels Summerfest 2023 appearance

The aforementioned is a Facebook statement on Tuesday, June 27, Summerfest officials announced that Jimmy Buffett’s planned appearance was canceled. They explained this was “due to circumstances out of our control.”

Buffett’s social media pages have not responded to his decision. It follows that the singer was withdrawn. Boston hospitalizedFollowing a visit to the Bahamas, Buffett has cancelled upcoming shows in Charleston and South Carolina. Buffett pulled out of his Charleston, South Carolina show last month due to a hospital stay.

The East Coast band AJR will replace Margaritaville. No strangers to Milwaukee’s American Family Insurance Amphitheater, AJR played the venue just last June.

Summerfest 2023 faces more cancellations

This year’s Summerfest has seen several changes to the 2023 lineup already.

The Romantics pulled out last week of their show on June 23, after one of its members was hurt in a car accident. “Due to one of our band members being injured in a minor accident and in need of some recovery time, we unfortunately had to cancel our appearance at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI on June 23, 2023,” the band saidVisit our website.

The Romantics were replaced by punk band Radkey for their slot.

Illinois pop rockers Cheap Trick also pulled out of the lineup, again “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Summerfest’s history is filled with artists who have dropped out.

It’s not the first time a major artist pulled out at last-minute from Summerfest.

In 2019, Summerfest shows featuring Megadeth were canceled last minute due to health reasons. Justin Bieber’s illness in 2022 prevented him from performing on stage.

The cancellation of last-minute flights forced many airlines to cancel their scheduled departures.American Family Insurance Amphitheater to close its curtains on those nights for the first time in the festival’s history. Fingers crossed that the lineup for this year’s Summerfest 2023 will no longer be affected.

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