Jim Bob’s children make another mistake, Duggar fans point out. Jill deletes and shares video of chores in the house

DUGGAR enthusiasts have noticed another embarrassing error by Jim Bob’s kids. Jill shares, then deletes, a video of her household chores.

The Counting On alum’s mistake is only the latest in a long string of grammatical mistakes made by the homeschooled TV household.

Jill Duggar accidentally shared an embarrassing grammatical error in her since-deleted Instagram video


Jill Duggar made an error in her Instagram video, which she has since deleted.
Jill with her husband Derick Dillard, their sons Israel, seven, and Samuel, five


Jill and Derick Dillard are married. Their sons Israel, seven years old, and Samuel, five./Jill Duggar

Jill, 31 years old, shared this video on Instagram. It showed her laundry routine and how to put away clothes.

The 19 Kids and Counting alum takes a video of a laundry basket labeled. “UNDERWARE.”

Fans quickly saw the spelling error, with only one commenter. “I’m dying at how you spell underwear.”

Another one of her followers wrote: “‘underware’ has me in stitches.”

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A screengrab was taken from the deleted video and posted to a Reddit board that Duggar dedicated.

Titled, “The SOTDRT education strikes again, Redditors rushed to the post’s comment thread to discuss Jill’s misspelling of “underwear.”

One fan commented: “And she’s apparently homeschooling the boys. This is going to be great for them.”

Written agreement by a second person “she is in charge of her son’s education…”

The majority of people read Entertainment.

“Their obliviousness to how embarrassing this is to display on the internet is what shocks me the most,”A third was added.

Another Redditor asked: “Doesn’t she see the spelling on the package when she buys it?”

A fifth fan made a joke: “Then there’s silver wear. Lol.”


Jessa, aged 29, was criticised by her peers for her spelling errors back in August.

When promoting her latest family post, Jessa shared a link on her Instagram Stories, captioning the post “We’ve been soaking up the last few weeks of summer, but we’re back with an life update and new video!”

Some of her followers, however, were quick to point out that Jessa also wrote “an”Instead of “a.”

One person posted on an online thread. “‘AN life?’ The ignorance…”Another response “Thought the same thing soon as I tried reading that…”

“‘An life…'”One critic also pointed out that the spelling mistake was not correct.

At one point in the clip, the Arkansas native discusses “school games”Her children are her friends “educational purposes.”

“Several times a week we allow the kids to play school games… and the boys love it,”Jessa explained that her six-year-old sons Spurgeon and Henry are focusing on the app.

“The wonderful thing about this is that they’re having fun, but they’re also learning…”Jessa told the story as Spurgeon described it. “… it’s actually pretty fun.”

Besides Spurgeon and Henry, Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, also share daughters Ivy, three, and Fern.

The couple, like the majority of parents in the Duggar family, have decided to homeschool their children.


Joy-Anna, 24 years old, made a grammatical error which caused people to second-guess her ability to homeschool.

The former TLC star share children Gideon, 4, and Evelyn Mae, 2, with her husband Austin Forsyth, 28.

The couple went camping in Alaska, and they shared their experience on social media.

They were both dressed in cameos and hiking gear but found the time to go out fishing.

Taking in Alaska’s natural landscape, the TV personality spotted a whale while out on the boat and took a photo of it for her Instagram story.

She unfortunately wrote “Whale siting!”Instead of “sighting,”And the photo she posted didn’t capture the whale.

Reddit users weren’t impressed with the grammatical error or the fact that there’s no whale in the photo.

Reddit user says: “Apparently she doesn’t know what a whale looks like either. That’s a handrail.”

Another user responded: “I was wondering why I couldn’t see it. Whew!”

Someone brought up the mistake: “That moment when something is spelled so incorrectly that it takes a minute just to remember the correct way.”

Soon, her concern for her children became overwhelming. “How do states allow parents with zero education to homeschool?? I mean minimally, a high school degree would at least ensure proper spelling on such a simple word as ‘sight.'”

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Another user stated: “You should need to pass a spelling test before homeschooling.”

Joy-Anna’s confusion was mirrored by Joy-Anna’s: “I thought she meant to say whale sitting and wondered how she found a friendly whale like the one in Free Willy.”

Jill misspelled underwear, 'underware'


Jill misspelled “underwear”, “underware”/ Jill Duggar
Jill was homeschooled by her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar


Jill was homeschooled in her family by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.Credit: TLC
Jill Duggar snuggles Frederick, the newest addition to the Dillard family


Jill Duggar cuddles Frederick, the newest member of the Dillard family/@jillmdillard

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