Jill Dillard Takes Fitness Tips From Joy’s Footsteps

It looks Jill Dillard is feeling inspired by her sister Joy Forsyth, based on a recent social media post she shared. Both the Duggar sisters tried something different recently and they shared their experiences on social networking. What are Joy & Jill doing these days, you ask?

Joy participated in a triathlon, as we reported. Joy revealed that she had been training hard for the triathlon for several months. Though it was new and challenging, the former Counting On star pushed herself and was able to follow through with her goals.

In response to Joy’s post about the triathlon, fans sent her lots of encouraging messages. They are amazed by what she was able to do, and they can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next. Jill commented, “Yay! You go girl! 👏❤️ Inspiring!”

Joy (Duggar) Forsyth

In a new Instagram post, Jill revealed that she’s using the inspiration she gained from Joy’s post. Jill took a picture of Samuel and herself. Jill is wearing a tank and her hair in a braid. Samuel is riding his bike with a helmet beside her.

Jill writes that she isn’t a runner, but she decided to jog alongside her son as he rode his bike. It doesn’t look like she’s stopping here, however. Jill reveals, “I’m continuing to set small goals for myself and excited to see some improvement.”

In her post, she also talks about how her husband Derick is a runner. She thanked him for his support and patience while she declined his offer to coach her. So, maybe Joy’s post gave her the extra push she needed to start running.

Jill Dillard Instagram

In response, Duggar fans are applauding Jill for the small step she decided to take. They think it’s great that she’s decided to start running. They’re offering words of advice, encouraging her to run no matter how fast or slow she might be right now. Fans also praise her for how inspiring she is.

Do you want to see the next steps of the Duggar siblings? Do you feel happy to see Joy Forsyth, and Jill Dillard make progress towards their goals? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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