Jill Dillard Instagram Motherhood Post Is Clever And Relatable Mom Post!


Counting on Jill Dillard’s honest posts about motherhood, as well as a peek into her life on social media are what fans love to follow. Jill is married to Derick and they have two sons, Israel (6 years old) and Samuel (3 years). Many of her posts on social media are about the special and fun things that her family is doing.

Jill Dillard recounts a true story.

Jill Dillard Instagram Motherhood Post Is Clever And Relatable Mom Post!

Jill shares a relatable and real story about her son in a new Instagram post. She doesn’t specifically say which of her two sons did this, but it might have been her younger son, Samuel, who’s three years old. She uploaded the photo on a day Israel would have been at school.

She post features a photo of a juicer with a bowl of crushed pretzels at the table. She wrote, “it didn’t look this clean when I found it…but as I was helping scoop it into a bowl from the table, I asked what his plan was with all the crunched up peanut butter pretzels, a few leftover cheese crackers + the citrus juicer…he replied, ‘I was trying to squeeze the peanut butter out of the pretzels.’ 😋👌🏻”

Jill writes a similar statement. “🤷‍♀️Sometimes I think my ideal plans for the future might look like this to God. 🙈 #justsayin.”

Finally, she shared a verse from the Bible that her fans consider a powerful reminder. This verse says, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” -Isaiah‬ ‭55:9‬ ‭

Fans of Duggar obsess about the new post.

In the comments section of Jill’s post, fans are thanking her for sharing a message they needed to hear. Many of them like the bible verse and Jill’s mention of her plans in God’s eyes.

One fan writes: “That is so cute. I think most of us can identify with how God looks at us.”Another addition: “I love this 😂 and God is always cleaning up the mess our plans make 🙌🏻”

Many more fans chime in to say it’s relatable, genius, and a great point. It looks like Jill isn’t alone in feeling this way.