JetBlue Flight Woman Refuses To Wear mask Gets Handcuffed!

JetBlue delayed a flight because an anti-masker wore a face mask and would have to remove it every time she saw a flight attendant.

Brooklyn DeGumbia (@brooklyndegumbia) was on a flight that took place August 24, from Palm Beach, Florida, to Hartford, Connecticut. She captured the cause of the delay.

DeGumbia recorded a JetBlue flight about a woman who refused a facemask.

For not following protocol, an anti-masker was handcuffed from the plane. | Source:

Two flight attendants and a police officer tried convincing the woman to don her mask as protocol. But she didn’t want to comply.

According to the woman who spoke out, she refused to board the plane because her daughter was going to college. She also felt the need to be with her.

DeGumbia covered the woman with smiley stickers to keep her private. But, as can be seen, another passenger took a video of the woman.

For not adhering to protocol, an anti-masker is taken out of the plane. | Source:

The clip of the passenger showed a woman wearing a mask. This confused those who saw the post. DeGumbia Explained This is:

“When she sat her down, she had her mask down, and when the flight attendant asked her to pull it up, she said she can’t wear it cause she’s nervous and this is her first time flying alone.”

The flight attendant suggested that she get off the plane and try to solve the problem. After initially agreeing, the woman removed her mask after a few minutes.

A plane is escorted out of its terminal by an anti-masker for not adhering to protocol.

DeGumbia, also The woman was able to properly wear her mask while being escorted by the flight attendant, but she would take it off when she left.

As she was trying to remove the mask from her crying child, the flight attendant instructed her to stick it on her daughter, aged two years old.

The incident lasted around 90 minutes, and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was forced to take the woman off the plane with handcuffs.

The viral video received thousands of comments from angry TikTok users, who couldn’t believe that such people could cause trouble to others. One person This is:

“Unbelievable these people get to waste everyone’s time like this.”

Another user. “Why do they wait until they are on the [plane] to throw their tantrum. They signed up for this when buying the ticket.”

While JetBlue handled the situation very well, there was an incident with Southwest Airlines that went viral online. This involved rude and unprofessional staff.

Ali Cleek says that the flight attendant told Ali Cleek to glue the mask on her 2-year-old daughter after she tried to take off the mask while crying.

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