Jessica Biel Claims to Have Justin Timberlake Forcibly Excluded From Working With His Ex.

Jessica BielAnd Justin TimberlakeThey look great together on the outside but are they really in turmoil? Timberlake has written many songs about wife, such as “Strawberry Bubblegum,”However, there are still rumors about trouble at the home.

Is it possible that Timberlake and Biel really parted ways with Hollywood in order to keep Timberlake from his exes. Is Biel now in a downward spiral because of the move? Do you think the couple is stronger than ever or are they still together? Here are some stories we’ve encountered about the longtime couple.

Justin Timberlake, no more Olivia Wilde

Famous photos of Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright chatting up during a drunken night out show that they were a very close couple. Timberlake and Biel later made public their regrets, and they have had a child together. Per OK!, the incident caused Biel to mistrust any and all of Timberlake’s co-stars and exes.

Enter Olivia Wilde. Biel, fresh from her split with Jason Sudeikis ordered Timberlake not to touch his. According to an insider: “She’s always seen Olivia as a threat.”Another tipter advised, “If Justin wants to play Russian roulette with his marriage again…he’d better be ready for the consequences.”

Is Biel truly mad at Wilde? Find out more by reading our breakdown.

Fight to Save the Marriage

Biel & Timberlake moved to Montana in the last year. They put their LA house of twenty-years on the market. According to Life & StyleIt was done in order to save the marriage. A source explained, “Living in Hollywood wasn’t doing them any good…they hope the move will save their relationship.”Due to the Wainwright accident, Biel felt insecure about Hollywood.

Was there a reason for the family’s move to Montana? What is the true motivation for the move to Montana by the Wainwright? Check out this article to learn more about the couple’s experience.

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Struggling Abroad

Tennessee didn’t treat Timberlake and Biel well. Star reported. Source: “They left Hollywood to try and save their marriage and to give their sons… a chance at a normal childhood,”Biel saw only unrest. After six months, Biel had not “really made any friends since they arrived” a source revealed. She wasn’t going to quit or demand another move, but her unhappiness could not be good for the marriage.

Biel Timberlake and Biel do have property in Montana and Tennessee, but is Tennessee really not working out for Biel’s? One who moves around as much as Biel as a child would surely be able make friends. To see what’s actually going on, check out our report here.

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