Jeopardy’s New Champ Discusses Her Rooting for LeVar Burton and How She Feels About Mayim Bialik as Host

Jeopardy's New Champ Discusses Her Rooting for LeVar Burton and How She Feels About Mayim Bialik as Host

JeopardyAlex Trebek and Alex Trebek were close friends for nearly 40 years, right through to their death in 2010. His death at the end of 2020The hunt for his replacement is complex with many moving parts. The beloved game show is currently being hosted by Ken Jennings. He holds the record for the longest running host. A winning streak in the gameAnd The Big Bang TheoryFox’s Mayim Bialik, a vet, currently stars on Fox’s Call me Kat. The most recent reigning JeopardyChamp has shared her thoughts on Jennings’ and Bialik’s taking over the responsibility, as well as her hopes for the future. Reading Rainbow’s LeVar Burton to take up the hosting role for the long-running game show.

Amy Schneider won her sixth place Jeopardy win with the pre-Thanksgiving episode, but she’s been a fan of the game show for much longer. Interview with NewsweekThe reigning champion says that LeVar is a potential replacement for Alex Trebek, even though she was not there. Star Trek alum didn’t perform as well as fans probably expected when he guest-hosted for a week back in July. Here’s what Schneider had to say:

I like Levar Burton. He should be the next host, as I said many years ago. But I know he wasn’t as solid as I hoped and I accept that.

Celebrity guest hosts tried their hand at filling in the huge void left by Alex Trebek’s death in 2021. Some did better than others in ratings and fan response, with LeVar’s stint earning him a coveted Emmy. his own wife’s very honest opinionThese stats are in addition to some less-than-stellar viewership statistics. (Largely due Olympics coverage and other elements. Despite this, Burton managed to maintain a huge following with similar hopes as Amy Schneider. 

Even though it didn’t work out like Amy Schneider and other LaVar Burton fans would have hoped, Schneider doesn’t think it’s all bad. She also stated that she likes the combination of Ken Jennings, Mayim Bialik and Mayim. This is her version:

I’ll admit that I was happy when they announced that it would be Ken Jennings for a while and Mayim Bialik. Both of them are my favorites.

Amy Schneider won her sixth Jeopardy game with Ken Jennings, who was behind the host lectern. Who better to lead contestants than someone who has won the game 74 consecutive times? Maybe A neuroscientist who became an actress, but we don’t really have to pick as we’ll get both of best worlds for the rest of the calendar year, and probably beyond that unless the producers announce some permanent decisions soon.

You shouldn’t be surprised if Burton isn’t in the mix. His desire to host the long-running show has been canceled due to the hullaballoo. Actually, he has secured His own hosting gig for a different game programInspired by Trivial Pursuit. As it’s a brand new game show, Burton will be getting in on the ground floor as the show’s one and only host, and will also serve as an executive producer for the project.

Jeopardy is available in syndication on weekdays with Ken Jennings or Mayim Bialik as the hosts. Be sure to check your local listings for when and where you can find it!

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