Jeopardy! After Alex Gordon’s second win in a row, fans predict the future with boldness

JEOPARDY! Fans have another Alex for them to cheer on.

Alex Gordon won his contest for the second time in a row, wowing viewers with his performance and earning him nearly $50,000.

Returning champ Alex Gordon has banked over $40,000 in two days


Alex Gordon is back in the top spot after earning over $40,000 within two days.ABC
Friday also marked the end of the first week back as host for Ken Jennings


Ken Jennings’ first week as host ended on Friday.ABC

Alex finished the week by defending his win of Thursday in which he defeated then-champion Anji Niquist and walked away with $25,000.

This Friday, the game will be a big win for the student.

Double Jeopardy! By the end of Double Jeopardy!

Raquel Steward and Tom Zulewski are far behind the hosts with $7800 and $2400 respectively.

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The Final Jeopardy!! dealt with History & Nature; and the clue was:

The arrival of 16 of the apes in March 1519 was the first sighting of the apes in North America’s mainland for 10,000 years.

Tom misunderstood the question “What is an alligator?” He lost $100.

Alex and Raquel are both correct in their answer to “What horses are?”

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Raquel who bet $5,000 won $12,800. Alex, the two-day winner, only gambled $200 but still ended up with $16,500.

On the internet, online fans have praised this dominant performance.

One person said, “We may be seeing more of Alex.”

Then, “Alex is a man of knowledge — and he may be here for a while.”

A third person said: “Alex made some serious cuts.”

It’s incredible that he has been busy studying for med-school and likely didn’t get much time to himself.


Alex ended his first game on Wednesday with a little controversy, after fains clamored that former game show champion Ken Jennings was preserving his legacy at any cost, even if that meant influencing and throwing off new players.

Successful game show player Anji Nyquist returned to the day’s competition as the new Jeopardy! champ after beating out former title holder Kate Campolieta on Wednesday’s episode.

Ken, 49, gave more hints than usual when contestants answered, namely Alex and Carol who were Anji’s opponents.

Some fans took that as the TV star trying to prevent the current champ from being a repeat champion like he was.

Conflict of Interest [Ken] Jennings should not be the host of this show, a fan said online. “He has a streak that he wants to protect.”

The little man constantly gives beneficial hints to the weaker player that he favors while he is pondering his daily double bet. This allows him to influence this bet to get a player close to a player strong who may be a future threat to a player’s precious streak of winnings.

It’s fairly transparent when you are paying close attention. “Very corrupt.”

Ken was a powerful leader during his time in power.Seventy-four consecutive victoriesJeopardy brought in $4.3M.


Earlier in the week, fans welcomed Ken back as host, replacing Mayim Bialik for the end of the current season.

We can finally watch the movie again! one person remarked. ” Mayim is a terrible host. I understand that shouldn’t be so important, but she makes it impossible to watch the show.

Another added: “I don’t dislike Mayim, but I enjoy watching so much more with Ken hosting. He’s just objectively better at it in every aspect.”

Third critic: “She gets on my nerves even more.” Although she may be talented in certain areas, her poor timing and mimics make it impossible for her to host Jeopardy.

“No improvement….she is a lost cause.”

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) announced on May 1 that it was going on strike after weeks of talks with Netflix, Amazon, Sony (Jeopardy!, and Sony (the parent company of Jeopardy!) – all failed to materialize.

Writers protested against their contracts and wages the next day by forming picket lines.

Mayim bowed out of hosting the last week of Jeopardy!As a sign of support, she stepped aside from the final week of Jeopardy!She was thanked by the writers of.On Twitter

Writer Mark Gaberman wrote: ⁦⁦”Mayim,⁩ This means more to us than we could ever say. You are amazing. #WGAstrong.”

Longtime writers Billy Wisse and Michelle Loud, striking as well, also recently told Variety: “Our words are on the screen every night.”

“There is no ‘Jeopardy’ without writers. Without us it’s just an empty blue screen.”

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Jeopardy! It is written by a small team of WGA writers and clues have been prepared well ahead of the WGA’s strike.

Ken was to have been off until the start of the season in September. Ken, however, has received criticism for his return to set.

Fans think Alex could be around awhile


Alex fans believe he will be around for some timeABC
Unless interferes and influences responses, as he is accused of doing


If he interferes with and influences the responses as alleged,Credit: Getty
Alex beat Anji Nyquist on Thursday's show


Alex Nyquist beat Anji on the Thursday show

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