Jennifer Garner Reacts To Rumours Surrounding Ben Affleck Dating J-Lo

Recent reports claim that Jennifer Garner isn’t happy about the rumors floating around that Ben Affleck is planning to propose to Jennifer Lopez. Garner and Affleck may have divorced in 2018, but reports insist Garner isn’t ready to let Affleck go.

And now that the word on the street is that Affleck is ready to walk down the aisle with his former flame, Garner is at her wit’s end. It’s an open secret she was always threatened by J.Lo — even when she and Ben were married.

Jennifer Garner Reacts To Rumours Surrounding Ben Affleck Dating J-Lo

Affleck and Garner had three children together over their 13-year marriage. But, an insider says Garner has been keeping her eyes open for Lopez throughout this time. “Jen always suspected he was sweet on J.Lo but never thought she’d actually take him back once he became single again — let alone marry him!”Source muses.

Although Lopez and Affleck may have called off their 2004 engagement, the source muses. Gone Girl star was recently spotted browsing engagement rings at Tiffany & Co. The outlet notes that Garner may have rekindled her romance with restaurant mogul John Miller, but the news of Affleck and Lopez’s possible engagement has been a real curveball. “The fact Ben’s tying the knot with J.Lo is a real tough pill to swallow!”The tipster exclaims.

While it’s no secret that Affleck and Lopez have been moving fast since their reunion, there’s no evidence to suggest the couple is engaged. It’s true Affleck was spotted in Tiffany & Co., but there was a simple and sweet explanation.

Jennifer Garner Reacts To Rumours Surrounding Ben Affleck Dating J-Lo

Sources close to the situation said E!According to the source, he was there as part of a mall-wide family hunt. According to the source “They went all around the mall and into various stores crossing off each of the items they found. One of the stops was into Tiffany and they had to find something in the store.”

The source’s story checked out, and most reputable outlets have now dropped the engagement speculation. While it’s possible Affleck will decide to pop the question at some point in the future, we doubt this disreputable tabloid will be the first to know.

However, the most offensive thing about this article is Garner’s suggestion of Affleck as a lover. Garner and Affleck are inseparable were on good terms for a while now and it’s obvious that they care deeply for the health and happiness of their family. Garner seems happy and has not done anything to support these rumors. Her current relationship.

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