Jenna Bush Hager tells the story of Mila’s painful camp letter.

Jenna Bush Hager has recently opened up about the famous and heartbreaking letter that she received from her daughter Mila who was at a summer camp.

Hager, who shares 6-year old Poppy Louise with her husband Henry Hager and 2-year-old Henry Harold, shared how terrible it was to read the child’s words.

Hager said that the story ended with a happy ending. However, Mila, who is actually Margaret Laura, didn’t enjoy summer camp at first.

Jenna Bush Hager with her daughter Margaret "Mila" Laura | |

Jenna Bush Hager with her daughter Margaret “Mila” Laura | |


Eventually, the 8-year-old warmed up to her surroundings and the people she was with, so much that she forgot to write home for weeks.

Hager stated that she was more used to Texas’s hot summers than Mila.


However, shortly after arriving at camp, Mila wrote her parents a letter telling them that she missed them and how she wished she could be with them.

A P.S. was also added by the little girl. Mila wrote to her father asking how long she would need to wait before he could pick her up.

Mila ended the letter by saying that she needed to stop crying and missed them “terribly.” The letter’s impact on the couple was tremendous, so much that he actually considered going there.

Despite feeling bad for her little girl, Hager said no, even though people on the street would often ask her when she would get her daughter back from the Texas camp.


As it turns out, the host made the right decision as Mila ended up having a fantastic time. Still, having gone to the same camp as a child, Hager claimed that she is not a fan of it:

“She’s from New York City and it’s like 97 degrees outside on a lake in Texas, so there might’ve been some slight culture shock that I don’t really appreciate because I went to that camp, but I was from Texas.”

Jenna Bush Hager during an episode of the "Today" show on NBC | Photo: Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Jenna Bush Hager during an episode of the “Today” show on NBC

Hager said that, unlike Mila, she was used to the hot summers in Texas. She also mentioned feeling homesick and not having anyone to share her sadness with while she was there.

According to the 39-year-old, the girls would get together based on where they came from, such as Houston and Dallas, but that she was all by herself and that this was a good lesson for Mila.

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