Jeffrey Dean Morgan can ‘Appreciate’ this Hilarious Comparison between The Boys’ Homelander and The Walking Dead’s Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan can 'Appreciate’ this Hilarious Comparison between The Boys' Homelander and The Walking Dead's Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor beloved for his films and TV shows, has always seemed to be as grounded as a celeb. It is almost a necessity when you play polarizing characters like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The Walking Dead’s Negan, since fans have taken little issue with expressing the full gamut of opinions over the years. Although everyone has a lot to say about Negan’s arguably heroic actions, the clip below is spot-on and invokes The Boys’ devious Homelander, didn’t need any words at all to win over Morgan (and presumably everyone else who gave it a watch).

Take a look at the Twitter post below, which isn’t so much a moral-based comparison between Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character and Antony Starr’s Homelander, but rather some good-natured shade regarding Negan’s effortlessly foul mouth. 

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan gives an exclamation mark to anyone who is able to go to bed happy at night. That’s possibly generalized hyperbole, but prove me wrong!

Negan’s language in the current era of The Walking Dead isn’t anywhere near as salty and kid-unfriendly as some of his dialogue was in the years after he was first introduced. (To be sure, fans were also cursing up a storm at the time, considering Negan killed off two of the show’s more beloved characters at the time.) And even then, Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn’t allowed to go as far and filthy as the comic book character, since AMC probably wouldn’t have ever allowed 347 uses of the word “fuck”Each episode was approximately the same length as Robert Kirkman’s script. (I can’t imagine anyone says the phrase “fucking fuckity fuck”(Without Negan in Mind.)

Similar to Negan The Boys’ Homelander is very rarely driven to being speechless as the world’s most powerful superhero (who also happens to have Hot streak of hypervillainous behavior). Though Antony Starr’s supe isn’t so swear-heavy while in the public eye on The Boys, he has damned sure voiced some truly horrific dialogue over the show’s three seasons so far. I feel like Negan would be a fan, even if his current mindset likely wouldn’t be fully down with Homelander’s more bigoted stances. 

Hopefully this won’t be the only BoysJeffrey Dean Morgan will be in a similar situation. Thought the actor is busy with AMC’s zombified spinoff Isle of the DeadHe and the former SupernaturalEric Kripke, boss (also The Boys’ showrunner) have We discussed getting JDM in the streaming superhero satireThey are all in some capacity. They just need their time and some scheduling. 

In another Tweet, Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared quite the interesting tribute video, which featured a variety of Negan quotes and other moments edited together over a vocal-free orchestral cover of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” And while it’s a solidly crafted vid, I think Morgan’s short and direct comment on the post is as apt as it gets.  

While you wait The Walking DeadReturn to AMC The final eight episodes of the 11-season run.All three episodes have been re-aired. The BoysYou can stream the entire show in full by signing up for Amazon Prime. 2022 TV premiere schedule has everything else that’s hitting the small screen throughout the rest of the year. 

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