Jeffree Star accuses Britney Spears fans of ‘Bullying’ Her

Jeffree Star accuses Britney Spears fans of 'Bullying’ Her

  • Britney Spears wrote an Instagram post calling Jeffree star a, which has since been deleted. “genius”Last week.
  • Star was involved in numerous past controversy and fans advised Spears to stay clear of Star.
  • Star, allegedly responding to Instagram stories of his fans on Saturday, accused them of “bullying” Spears.

Jeffree Star has reacted to the backlash against Britney’s now-deleted Instagram endorsement for him. In it, she praised him and called him a “star”. “genius.”

The original Instagram post was posted to Spears’ account on November 17, but was removed the next day by Spears’ followers who flooded the comments with their concerns about Star’s involvement in various scandals over the years.

He is a popular YouTube beauty channel creator with over 16 million subscribers. He has been involved in high-profile feuds and been accused of violence and sexual assault.

Spears hasn’t addressed her post directly, but Newsweek Star replied in a series Instagram stories on Saturday, according to reports. These stories are not available on Star’s account anymore, but they were captured by an online commentator and re-posted. DefNoodlesAnd YouTuber Dustin DaileyYou can find them all here. Others.

“Britney Spears supported me a few days ago and ooh, it really made some of the girls mad,”Star says it in the clip. “It’s crazy that someone who has been in a mental prison for 13 years finds joy in something and y’all gotta bully her into deleting her post. That is so sad.”

Spears was finally released from her conservatorship. She had previously described it as “a nightmare.” “abusive”In June testimony, and on November 12, following a court hearing. Spears’ father Jamie Spears was appointed as conservator in 2008 and had full control over all decisions regarding his finances and personal life.

Star stated in the clips that some of his fans had criticised Spears for supporting her. “have a lot of self-reflecting to do,”According to him, he had spoken with Spears’ assistant about the recent events.

“This isn’t drama. This is mental health,”Star said. “This is literally a woman that was locked in her house and has been through hell. And she was bullied for liking a make-up product. Isn’t that crazy?”

This is because some social media users are unable to use it. “let go”Star spoke about his past controversies. “Now that she’s free you still don’t want her to make her own decisions. It’s really hard to fathom.”

Insist on her Instagram post ClipPerez Hilton and Star, where Star suggested that people should not listen to Spears. “immediately,”Twitter began to circulate it. Addressing it, Star said he “said a dumb comment.” 

“I’m so glad she’s free and you can’t take that away from her and you ain’t gonna drag me into it,”He said. “So Britney, thank you for loving my brand. I love you so much.”

Insider reached out to Star and Spears representatives but they didn’t respond immediately. 

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