Jay Leno Gets Released From Burn Unit, After Tim Allen Jokes About His Pal’s Full ‘George Clooney Recovery

Jay Leno Gets Released From Burn Unit, After Tim Allen Jokes About His Pal's Full 'George Clooney Recovery

Former comedian The Tonight ShowJay Leno, host of Jay Leno, was injured in a car accident that left him with severe injuries. Jay confirmed that the gasoline fire caused his injuries. Leno was expecting to take a week off before he could get back on his feet. However, he has been released from the Grossman Burn Center. While his burns were quite severe, Leno’s friend and comedian Tim Allen offered some lighthearted remarks while Leno was still at the hospital. 

Tim Allen had some comments to make after Jay Leno visited the Burn Center. TMZThis indicated that the former was not just possible. Tonight ShowAlthough the host seemed to be doing well, they were already laughing about it. Allen revealed that they had shared jokes and were friends. 

His face looks amazing. It wasn’t all that great to begin with. He’s not going to go with the George Clooney look. You will be amazed. He’s beautiful and happy. The hospital did a wonderful job taking care.

Jay Leno would look like George Clooney if he went to the hospital in disguise. After cracking the joke, Tim Allen – a TV veteran himself with starring roles in Home Improvement, Last Man Standing, and the newly-released Santa Clauses for Disney+ to his name – confirmed that his friend is getting great care and is in good enough spirits. 

Now, less than a week after Allen’s comments on November 17 were reported, THRLeno is now free from the Grossman Burn Center, according to reports. Although he is still recovering from high-pressure oxygen therapy, surgery and other treatments, he will soon be able move to the Grossman Outpatient Burn Clinic to receive some additional care. 

Dr. Peter Grossman said in a statement that he was “optimistic that he will make a full recovery,”Leno’s mental state was further revealed by a Burn Center news release: 

Jay would like everyone to know how grateful he is for all of the kind words and care that he received. Jay is looking forward to Thanksgiving with his family, friends, and wishes everyone a happy holiday.

Jay Leno has yet to release a statement, but it is encouraging that he can spend Thanksgiving with his family and friends, after his optimism was less cautious in the previous update. The West Hills Hospital Instagram account showed Leno’s progress in recovery.

Jay Leno might not look exactly like George Clooney, but he does look great. He smiled even to pose with Grossman Burn Center staff, so fans can let out a sigh and be relieved that Jay Leno is on the mend.  

He will hopefully provide more information about Jay Leno’s status, but for now, it seems that the future looks bright for Jay Leno’s recovery. Tim Allen’s comments, after sharing a BTS look at Jay Leno while on the set Last Man StandingLeno’s mental state while in hospital (over the summer) was a glimpse into his recovery. 

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