Japanese Streaming Service Launches With Hamaguchi Pic

EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles-based Synepic Entertainment is launching Sakka, a streaming service specializing in Japanese cinema. The platform will debut in North America and select further territories in early May, the company said. At launch, it will feature five movies: Happy Hour, the 2015 movie from recent Oscar nominee Ryusuke Hamaguchi; Shô Miyake’s 2018 feature And Your Bird Can Sing; Seiji Tanaka’s 2018 film Melancholic; Chihiro Amano’s 2019 pic Mrs Noisy; and Hajime Tsuda’s 2020 drama Daughters. Synepic said it was focusing on independent films and would be acquiring two further titles later in the summer. The company is also looking to host in-person screenings of films it acquires. “We are beyond proud to create this unique platform for Japanese films of new generations,” commented Chiaki Yanagimoto, the president of Synepic Entertainment and the founder of the platform. “There are many Japanese films that unfortunately don’t see their full potential outside of Japan because of the traditional distribution system there. After the win of Drive My Car, several critics pointed out that the Japanese system is outdated and indifferent to the international market. It is time to change that narrative and find new ways to share these inspiring works coming from Japan, and create a platform that truly cares about the films and the filmmakers.”

EXCLUSIVE: Uncork’d Entertainment has picked up the Aleph Cine-directed Spanish thriller The Fall Of The Queens and is planning a June release. The pic follows two teenage sisters: Juana and Mara. They live in an isolated beekeeping country house with their aunt. When their cousin Lucio bursts into their lives, the perfect symbiosis that is their relationship is endangered. Malena Filmus, Lola Abraldes, Franco Rizzaro, Umbra Colombo, and Giovanni Ciccia star. “A sibling of The Wicker Man and Dare Me, The Fall Of The Queens has one heck of a killer concept and it had been executed magnificently” said Keith Leopard, President of Uncork’d Entertainment. “The direction, cast and, most importantly, scares are superb”. Quentin Worthington of MPM Premium in France negotiated the deal on behalf of the film team with Keith Leopard of Uncork’d Entertainment.

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