Jamie Otis Nephew Health Concerns Grow Is Her Baby Alright?

Married at First Sight fans are wondering what happened to Jamie Otis’ sister and her baby boy after a very cryptic Instagram post. This cryptic Instagram story was followed by a series of equally mysterious Instagram Stories posts. Jamie Otis, her husband Doug, seems to be entertaining her niece while her sister deals wistfully with her son. You can see the series of cryptic posts that were left MAFS fans wondering what might’ve happened to Jamie Otis’ sister and her sister’s son.

Jamie Otis has not yet clarified what’s going on. We can, however, look at what fans have shared via social media.

Jamie Otis Nephew Health Concerns Grow Is Her Baby Alright?

Jamie Otis loves holding her children, which is a sad loss for her sister

Jamie Otis shares his views on Instagram she’s blessed to be able to hold her children. She said that her sister is currently unable. Is something wrong with Jamie Otis’ sister’s son? Fans worry that it might be true.

While I am grateful to have my babies, it makes me feel terrible for my sister. She doesn’t get to rock her babies to sleep tonight. Yesterday she got a call from her that is the worst nightmare of all parents. We immediately drove up to be with her & our family. Keep your children close. If you want to say a prayer for my sis & nephew I know she’d appreciate it.”

Now Married at First Sight fans know that the post refers to her younger sister Leah King. Jamie was an integral part of Leah’s childhood. Jamie was given custody of her four younger siblings after there was trouble at the house. Fans are also aware that Leah gave birth in November 2020 to Trevor, a baby boy.

Leah was forced to give birth by herself to Trevor because of COVID restrictions. Trevor, unfortunately, came into this world prematurely. At the time of his birth, he was only 29 weeks old. Trevor spent three years in the NICU shortly after his birth. Jamie shared the information via Instagram just a few days earlier. But it seemed like Trevor was a fighter. He and Leah eventually returned home.

Unfortunately, Jamie Otis’ series of cryptic posts about her sister suggests Leah and baby Trevor are back in the hospital. MAFS Jamie did not provide details so fans are left with fears and imaginations.

On her Instagram Stories, however, she did explain that she was keeping her niece occupied so she didn’t worry about her mommy or her baby brother. What do you think could have happened to Jamie Otis’ sister’s son? Are you sure they are? Here’s hoping Jamie Otis has good news for fans soon about what has happened.

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