Jamie Dornan Talks About Robert Pattinson’s Roommate Comments and How Twilight Into the Hollywood Stratosphere

Jamie Dornan Talks About Robert Pattinson's Roommate Comments and How Twilight Into the Hollywood Stratosphere

Sometimes the saying “Sometimes the saying” is right.” “It’s a small world”It is quite apt. Take January for example. Fifty Shades of Grey’s Jamie Dornan talked about how back in 2008, he was lived with fellow actors Robert Pattinson, Eddie Redmayne, Andrew Garfield and Charlie Cox, all of whom joined him in hitting the big time. Pattinson stated later that he was. “invited as an afterthought,” prompting Dornan to open up more about their time together, and how Pattinson’s success with the TwilightHis past roommates were also involved in the film series.

Robert Pattinson, who revealed that he was ill earlier this month, said that he was “kind of the last one invited” to this house, and mentioned that if there were one slice of pizza left, he’d go, “Is there any for me?”Jamie Dornan set the record with ETCritics Choice Awards:

No! What is the pity invitation? No. Rob has always had success, so we were like, “Does Rob really feel at home?” We weren’t working, and he works all the time. We were watching Twilight, and he was suddenly in a different place than us. However, we have all been working more consistently and, yes, Jesus, we’ve known one another for a long time.

Robert Pattinson got the role of Twilight’s Edward Cullen in late 2007, and by that point he’d already achieved a modicum of fame from playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. So while Pattinson wasn’t do well enough to the point that he could afford a house of his own, he did have a leg up compared to Jamie Dornan, Eddie Redmayne, Andrew Garfield and Charlie Cox at the time, hence why Dornan considered him sitting at a different “stratosphere.”

As we have already said, Robert Pattinson was not the only actor who became famous. Jame Dornan was a prominent actor playing Christian Grey in The. Fifty ShadesThree-part trilogy: Eddie Redmayne leads Fantastic Beastsfranchise as New Scamander. Andrew Garfield succeeds Tobey Maguire to the role of second cinematic Spider-Man. Charlie Cox starred as Spider-Man in the DaredevilSeries as Matt Murdock, which he has recently reprised Spider-Man, There’s No Way Home. This was one lucky household!

All these actors have gone their separate ways both professionally and personally, but outside of Robert Pattinson’s belief that he was the outsider of the group, it sounds like they had a good time together. And while Jamie Dornan has been a little envious of Pattinson’s post-Twilight career, he needn’t worry about leaving the limelight anytime soon, having recently starred Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar and Belfast. It’s unclear how close Pattinson and Dornan are with one another nowadays, the latter did say he keeps in touch with Andrew Garfield, calling him “one of my best mates.”

Jamie Dornan will next be seen in Gal Gadot-led action film Heart of StoneRobert Pattinson currently plays Bruce Wayne in a movie called “The Bruce Wayne Movie”. The Batman. CinemaBlend will pass along more updates on both of these actors’ upcoming movies and any other fun anecdotes from their past.

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