James Caan Reportedly Sparking Health Fears After ‘Skeletal’Source Says and Appearance

Is it? James Caan dying? According to one report, Godfather star has friends fearing for  his health after he was spotted looking “skeletal.” Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Caan Can’t!’

According to the National EnquirerCaan hasn’t aged gracefully. Caan was seen in Los Angeles to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The Godfather. Eyewitnesses stated, “His eyes seemed glassy, and it looked as if he had trouble focusing.”

Another observer believed he looked skeletal after significant weight loss. “It was hard to imagine this was once the strapping Hollywood icon who spent a year living in the Playboy Mansion boozing and notching conquests!” Caan’s been spotted in recent years using both a walker and a wheelchair to help his mobility after numerous health ailments. This red carpet appearance was concluded by an insider “has a lot of people worried about him. Things definitely seem as if they’re going in the wrong direction.”

What’s Going On With James Caan?

Credit where it’s due, “Caan Can’t”This is a great title. The title itself is an embarrassment. James Caan’s in his 80s. Obviously, he’s not going to look like he did 50 years ago. Newsflash – People appear a little older after half century. Caan is no exception.

Consider actually looking at Photos taken by James Caan at this eventThese are just some of the changes that occur. It’s hard to say Caan looks “skeletal”When almost every inch of his body has been covered up. He’s visibly smiling and was taking questions about the film, so Gossip CopThis casting doubt on the whole dying angle. If he was really glazed over he wouldn’t be taking interviews.

The fact that Caan arrived in the city without a walker/wheelchair is a sign of his long-term health, as this outlet admits. He’s also active on Twitter, with the odd habit of ending every tweet “end of tweet.” He’s still working too, appearing opposite Jane Curtin in last year’s Queen Bees. He’s doing fine.

Too many supernovas

The InquireToo many stories are published about the death of stars. Caan is now in a rare company. Robert Wagner, Liza Minnelli, and Willie Nelson are all apparently on death’s door yet are doing just fine. Paradoxically, if this tabloid announces a celebrity’s health is failing, that probably means they’re alright.

Oddly enough, Caan isn’t the only GodfatherStar to land in tabloid crosshairs Sister magazine GlobeRobert Duvall claimed that he was ready to be a father when he turned 90. He didn’t do that. James Caan, judged by his actions, and not one photo carefully selected, shows that a man can stay active into his 80s. This story has no weight.

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