James Bond may have been killed in No Time To Die, but Hans Zimmer’s Apology to Daniel Craig makes it kind of funny

James Bond may have been killed in No Time To Die, but Hans Zimmer's Apology to Daniel Craig makes it kind of funny

There were tears of joy. The end of No Time To Die, as Daniel Craig’s 007 sacrificed himself for the greater good. It was a significant event in the history James Bond movies, it’s a result that’s still talked about a little over a year after it finally landed in theaters. Such a somber, heartbreaking moment doesn’t make for easily light conversation… unless you’re someone like composer Hans Zimmer, who gleefully reflected on how he, musically, killed Commander Bond.

A recent InstagramVideo: The Academy Award-winning maestro, who won the Academy Award for Music and Arts, tossed his fate into the wind in a game called “Hans Zimmer Trivia.”You can now land the filter on No Time To DieZimmer chuckled at the questionable score and offered the following apology.

Who would have thought I’d be the one to kill James Bond? It was an honor, you know? It was amazing, actually, to be asked to do it with Steve Mazzaro who is a brilliant composer. Sorry Daniel, we had to leave.

Despite the fact Daniel Craig sealed Commander Bond’s fate seemingly from the beginning, one would imagine that he’d get quite the laugh out of Maestro Zimmer’s “apology.” Roping in his co-conspirator, composer Steve Mazzaro, this admission of guilt couldn’t be funnier. Hans Zimmer’s description of the situation sounds more like he is apologizing to Daniel Craig for parking in his spot, rather than referring to the explosive conclusion to the 25th-007 mission.

Although this message may seem funny, Steve Mazzaro and Hans Zimmer did a great job on the project. No Time To DieScore is far from perfect. Not only can you draw influence from the The haunting Billie Eilish theme songNot only that, but also the cribbing of key moments Music from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, it’s a body of work that trades in adrenaline and heartbreak.

The cue is the best example of both emotions working together. “Final Ascent,” which leads into James Bond’s final moments of life. Listen to the song in all its dramatic glory below. Like any typical Hans Zimmer score, the track runs a little longer than most music cues, but it’s worth the time.

Thanks to the tight-woven continuity that began with James Bond, the death of James Bond ended the Daniel Craig era in films in the most logical way. Casino Royale. Just as whoever plays the next Bond will have a tough act to follow in the shadow of Craig’s performance, the next musical score will have Hans Zimmer’s amazing work to compete with.

It’s a bright side that whatever the next composer is, they will be able say that they brought back 007, which is just the same as sending him to his end. Hans Zimmer’s music, and Daniel Craig’s intense performance, await in No Time To Die, Those with active internet access can stream it. Prime Video subscription.

While you’re at it, you can learn more about the legacy of 007 music by watchingThe Sound of 007 documentary. With sections that focus keenly on Zimmer’s score, the insight into the creation of this lethal James Bond score is vital viewing.

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