Jamaica Reignites Cool Runnings Dreams With 4-Man Bobseld Team

After 24 years, the fire is back on ice.

As the 2022 Beijing Olympics officially kicked things off with the Feb. 4 Opening Ceremony, viewers at home were left rejoicing at the arrival of Jamaica’s four-man bobsled team who will compete in this year’s games for the first time since 1998. So by rule, it’s time for us all to watch Cool Runnings again—Jamaica’s four-man team debut at the 1988 Winter Olympics inspiring the heartwarming 1993 Disney flick.

Since then, at least two representatives from the Caribbean country have returned to the games in 2002, 2014 and in 2018, when their two-woman team made their debut. And after missing out on qualifying for the four-man bobsleigh in 2018 by just one place, the country is officially back and ready to set the ice ablaze. This year will also be the first time Jamaica has qualified in three Olympic bobsled events including the four-man, two-man and women’s monobob events.

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