I’ve been forced to live in a SHIPPING CONTAINER after my daughter kicked me out of my own house

A MUM claims she is homeless and has been forced to live in a SHIPPING CONTAINER after he daughter kicked her out of her own house.

Varina Quinn, from Queensland, Australia, says she feels “betrayed” by her daughter and claims she hasn’t even been allowed to pick up her possessions.

Varina Quinn says she's been forced to live in a shipping container


Varina Quinn says she’s been forced to live in a shipping containerCredit: A current affair
The mum says she feels 'betrayed' by her daughter


The mum says she feels ‘betrayed’ by her daughterCredit: A current affair

The heartbroken mum says she lived alone at the house near Toowoomba for 15 years until her daughter Rachel moved home after breaking up with her boyfriend.

As she was left with “nothing”, Varina wanted to help Rachel get back on her feet and so offered to gift her the home – in exchange for lifetime tenancy.

In 2019, Rachel received the property in her name for the remaining mortgage debt. Varina also stipulated that the couple enter into a lease, which granted Varina a lifetime tenancy.

Their deal was broken in less than one year after Varina claimed Rachel demanded that she leave.

“I feel like I’ve lost my daughter and my home,” she told A Current Affair.

“I was there less than one year before she threw my out.

“She wanted me out immediately. Also, she also had all my possessions.

“She just kept repeating the words ‘when are you leaving’ … I was very upset. And I called my son and Caleb came, came up to pick me up.”

According to Caleb, Rachel told him: “Don’t ever bring her back here again”.

Varina claims she is still without her belongings and now lives in a shipping box in her son’s backyard.

Caleb claims Rachel allowed Caleb to visit the property the day following the fight to get some of his mums possessions. However, he claims that when he reached the container he was told he could not take anything.

Varina added: “She has family photos. She has all my electronics, white goods, furniture. All my prepping supplies, all my tools.”


But after being approached by A Current Affair, Rachell rebutted her mother’s claims, insisting she is the “victim”.

“She’s got all my stuff, everything is at her place,” Rachel stated.

“The home is open to her whenever she wants to come home.”

“I did everything she ever asked me to do. I didn’t kick her out. I’m the victim here.”

Varina states that she was forced by the district court to file a civil suit.

“I mean, who would do this to their own family?” She also added.

“Family, they protect each other. But in this case, she betrayed me.”

Rachel has denied her mum's claims


Rachel has denied her mum’s claimsCredit: A current affair
Varina says she gifted her daughter her home on the condition of lifetime tenancy


Varina says she gifted her daughter her home on the condition of lifetime tenancyCredit: A current affair

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