iTunes will soon have a movie about Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist.

For far-right figures who’ve been de-platformed everywhere else, Apple’s ecosystem is increasingly one of the last places left online where their popularity is nonetheless surging. This is an example: Alex’s WarAlex Jones, a documentary about Alex Lee Moyer’s, has been a huge success on the iTunes Pre-Order Chart ahead of its release this month on July 29.

The filmPromising an examination “the rollercoaster career of America’s most infamous, charismatic, and divisive public figure.”Jones has been de-platformed by almost every major internet service. He’s persona non grata among the establishment media. And yet, there’s Alex’s WarYou can find it on the iTunes top-pre-orders chart. Just below Maverick: Top Gun, Elvis?, and Where the Crawdads sing.

Alex’s WariTunes will soon have documentary

Popularity of Alex’s WarAll the more amazing? Preorder interest seems to be driven mainly by word-of mouth. Moyer, for example, has reportedly said Google wouldn’t let the film’s team buy ads to promote it. TikTok and Facebook are also taking steps to stop publicity about the movie. The film contains content that Facebook says violates its community guidelines.

“Who is Alex Jones?”Read the synopsis Alex’s WaiTunes: r “Looking past caricature and propaganda to a searching and human character study, Alex’s War draws on twenty-five years of Infowars archives, unprecedented personal interviews, and months of backstage access, to examine the shattering of our shared national narrative through the rollercoaster career of one of America’s most infamous, charismatic and divisive public figures.”

“Divisive,” indeed. Jones has a history of spreading conspiracy theories and making inflamatory statements. After Jones suggested that the tragedy had been staged, the Sandy Hook victims’ families sued him. Jones, in an April deposition, allegedly cited free speech to defend himself.

“If questioning public events and free speech is banned because it might hurt somebody’s feelings, we are not in America anymore,”Jones said that Jones was correct according to The Associated Press. “They can change the channel.

Jones continued: “They can come out and say I’m wrong. They have free speech.”

The far-right must be de-platformed

Similar to this, Steve Bannon, a former Trump aide, was banned from YouTube and Twitter. Yet his War Room podcast consistently ranks as one of the top shows on Apple’s podcasts chart. In fact, it was a comment made during War Room’s podcast that led to the Bannon ban. After a flippant comment on Dr. Anthony Fauci being beheaded, Twitter suspended him permanently in 2020.

Jones was not present at the US Capitol, but Moyer was there to film footage. Alex’s War. She was one of the few documentarians that day.

Jones’ own de-platforming, meanwhile, came swiftly in 2018. Jones’ content was deleted by Facebook, Google, and Facebook. Apple also followed Jones’ lead and pulled multiple Jones-related podcasts.

In a statement made at the time To TechCrunchApple stated that it was responding to the allegations. “hate speech” found in Jones’ content. “We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions,”The spokesperson for Apple said that.

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