“It’s Nicolas Cage!” Aaron Rodgers makes NFL fans cry as he arrives at Packers training wearing an amazing outfit

AARON RODGERS channeled Nicolas Cage when the Green Bay Packers opened their pre-season training camp.

The 38-year-old reigning NFL MVP is hoping to help the Packers win another Super Bowl title, after an eleven year drought.

Aaron Rodgers is the reigning NFL MVP


Aaron Rodgers is currently the NFL MVPCredit: AP
And he certainly made an entrance on his first day of training


He was certainly a star on his very first day of trainingCredit: @packers
Fans were in stitches at the quarterback's likeness to Nicolas Cage in Con Air


The quarterback’s resemblance to Nicolas Cage was a hit with fans.Credit: @packers

Rodgers A new bumper contract extension was signed In the off-season, and certainly looked the part when arriving at Lambeau Field for drills.

Official Twitter account of the Packers uploaded a video that showed Rodgers looking exactly like Cage from 1997’s cult classic film Con Air.

The veteran play-caller was dressed in a white tank top and jeans as he entered the facility.

The Packers captioned this video: “Let’s do this”.

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Fans were stunned by the comparison between Rodgers’ character Cameron Poe and Cage, with the clip earning an amazing 4.5m views in just hours.

One fan gushed: “Was he going for the Cameron Poe look? Because if so, he NAILED it.”

Another said: “Con Air 2 has officially started filming!”

One NFL fan laughed: “Rodgers prepped for another early Playoff exit.”

Rodgers’s new vibes were met with disapproval by others. Social media is still speaking its mind.

One fan was harsh: “Imagine thinking this is a good look lololol.”

Another: “Felt cute, might get bounced out of the playoffs later, not sure.”

Rodgers and Shailene Woodley split recently.

The engaged couple reportedly called it quits because Rodgers “put football first”They “barely spent any time together,”In Touch Weekly was informed by a source.

In a strange twist, the Green Bay legend was also linked to Blu, a woman who was accused of being a WITCH.

Rodgers will be leading the Packers into the 2022/23 season. Their first match against Minnesota Vikings is September 11.

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