It’s impossible to believe the Mortal Kombat celebrity roster

It's impossible to believe the Mortal Kombat celebrity roster

With a recognizable and easily replicable structure, it should be no surprise to see other AI users create their own “Mortal Kombat” rosters with whatever theme they want. Here is another popular example @benarfa23.53 has uploaded anime characters, such as Gohan or Yami Yugi. In the comments, many people asked if it was a real video or an AI-created one. While it’s AI, gamers could always get a copy of “Jump Force” if they want to fight with their favorite anime characters for real.

This next YouTube video by YouTuber is a great example of how live-action characters in TV shows can be brutally killed off. The AI Show Comes into Play The roster of “Mortal Kombat,” which includes “Breaking Bad”, “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Office”, features characters from various television shows. It would have been better if you had some gameplay footage of Dwight Schrute fighting Sheldon Cooper.

AI is likely to have already invented it if you can think it up. Many other Marvel heroes and horror villains are available. Although it is neat, human-created versions are better.

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