It’s Actually Been Cold In Florida (No Really), So Of Course Universal Orlando Is Brr-y Cheerful About It

It’s Actually Been Cold In Florida (No Really), So Of Course Universal Orlando Is Brr-y Cheerful About It

Contrary to popular belief, it actually works. Florida can get very cold. Having said that, it doesn’t usually get quite as cold in Florida as it has been the last several days. This weekend has seen a strange streak of extremely cold weather in Central Recordershine, which is likely to surprise tourists as well as locals. Many tourists visiting Central Recordershine state are likely going to the theme parks. Universal Orlando Resort is waiting for the weather to improve. Of course, they’ll still find a funny way to deal with the cold.

The TwitterUniversal Orlando, which is always up for a joke, has been the focus of attention in recent days, but not on. Walt Disney World is in the shade, as it often does, but instead it’s just been focused on the weather. This is over. 

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Florida is experiencing freezing temperatures, something that is not common for Florida even in winter. While it can get cold, and certainly rainy, in the state, it’s far less likely for things to become just this bone-chilling cold. It’s probably difficult to think of anything else if you’re not used to overnight freezing temperatures, which is why Universal Orlando has been of such a one track mind of late. But at least they’re having fun.

Florida is simply not prepared to handle this. It’s not nearly as cold as other parts of the country, but this is not the norm for Florida residents.  One of the reasons why it is so hot in Florida is that Walt Disney selected FloridaThe reason he built his new theme park in Orlando, which has become a global tourist destination, was because the weather is so good all year that there is no need for the park to be closed due to bad weather. That’s not a concern here, but it likely isn’t the vacation many tourists were expecting. Florida has one exception to the rule: If it is raining. there’s a hurricane coming

Temperatures haven’t been too terrible during the day. It’s mostly the overnight temps that are getting so low you really don’t want to be out in all that. Still, it’s a little on the cold side during the day too, so if you’re going to visit Universal Studios FloridaYou might also consider indoor attractions or, as suggested by the Twitter account, a warm hug.

Things appear to be warming up following the exceptionally chilly weekend, but they’re still on the cool side, especially in the evenings and overnight. Universal Orlando Resort may be selling plenty of hot butterbeer. There are worse ways to beat the winter than to grab the hot butterbeer. Popular Harry Potter beverage. It is likely that the theme park sells more sweatshirts and jackets. 

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