Italy wins the World’s Biggest Pumpkin Crown, and Belgium is Not Happy

Italy wins the World's Biggest Pumpkin Crown, and Belgium is Not Happy

  • 26 September saw La Zuccone, Italy’s biggest pumpkin be crowned.
  • Stefano Cutrupi, a Tuscan grower, won the title of world record holder from Belgium.
  • Belgian farmer predicts he will grow a larger pumpkin for the World Championships in Germany.

Italy and Belgium are engaged in a fierce struggle.

This is not an arms race, or a political brawl. It’s a pumpkin competition.

For years, Belgium hosted the largest pumpkin in the world. But Stefano Cutrupi from Italy has won the title. Cutrupi, a Tuscan farmer won Italy’s Lo Zuccone (the Pumpkin) championship with his enormous vegetable, which weighed a staggering 1,226kg (2733 pounds).

“I am very happy,”He stated that he had won the title on September 26, 2009.

“It is not easy to obtain such results. Some may see this as amusing but this can only be achieved with specific genetics, research, crossbreeding, and special agronomic techniques,”Alessio Ribechini is the president of the Italian championship. The Times.

However, the glory isn’t to go unchallenged, and Belgium will not give up its monopoly of gigantic vegetable growing lightly.

Mario Vangeel from Kasterlee in Flanders is hoping to return the world record to Belgium during the world pumpkin championship held in Ludwigsburg on October 10th.

Vangeel’s latest pumpkin is 1020 kg (2249 lbs), and he believes he can make it bigger before the showdown.

Not only would Vangeel win the glory and bring the title back to Belgium, but also a €12,000 prize ($13,912).

Vangeel The TimesHow he cares for his prize possession “In March I planted the seed. Every day I give my pumpkin a little bit of water and also fertilizer. Everyone has their own secret recipe in the pumpkin world,”He stated. “When the championship is over, we hollow out the pumpkin. The seed we keep to sell because that will be worth something.”

He also gave his opinion on VRT radio about the best way to roast a pumpkin. “You hollow out a small pumpkin. You mix its flesh with minced meat. You fill the hollowed-out pumpkin with that mixture again. Season well. Then cook in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.”

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