Israel Keyes is the Inspiration behind Criminal Minds. Evolution’s main unsub.

Israel Keyes is the Inspiration behind Criminal Minds. Evolution's main unsub.

Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss pointed out that Elias Voit’s Kill Kits resemble the ones used by Israel Keyes, a horrifying serial killer. This photo is from the FBI WebsiteKeyes kept his tools in orange barrels instead of Voit’s foam-filled, black suitcases. According to CBS NewsAccording to some, Keyes may have taken eleven lives. They are represented in the crude and disturbing portraits he painted while in prison. Keyes died before any of the crimes he committed could be resolved.

Voit’s kits are for fellow murderers. Keyes’ kits, however, were apparently created out of convenience. CBS News reported that Keyes placed the containers in various locations across the country as he traveled and would find them again when he needed to. Keyes was like Voit in that he lacked the ability to see. “victim profile,” The FBI suspects that Keye randomly chose his targets and dug up as many kits as necessary. To this day, the FBI suspects that there are still kill kits of Keyes that have yet to be found — they advise citizens not to touch one should they come across it, and to instead contact authorities immediately. He also shared a similarity with Voit, his followers, and his frequent use of rental cars in order to avoid detection.

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