Israel Adesanya was arrested just days after losing to Alex Pereira at UFC 281

Israel Adesanya was arrested just days after losing to Alex Pereira at UFC 281

UFC star Israel Adesanya, who was arrested after an incident at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, has been taken into custody by US authorities. After trying to get through security, the Nigerian-born New Zealander fighter was stopped at the airport with a pair brass knuckles. According toTMZ SportsAfter the Transportation Security Administration found the weapon in Adesanya’s possession, Adesanya was taken into custody. New York law prohibits the possession or use of brass knuckles. But, the manager for UFC star Adesanya claims they were given to the fighter as a gift from a fan. Airport officials later released the UFC star.

“Israel was handed a gift by a fan, which he put in his luggage,” Tim Simpson, Adesanya’s manager, said. “When flagged at the airport, Israel quickly disposed of the item and co-operated with authorities. He has complied accordingly, with that the matter was dismissed and he is on his way home.”Adesanya could be sentenced to one year in prison or fines after being convicted. Although Adesanya wasn’t charged in the matter, it was a loss for Alex, the UFC’s former champ.Pereira at Madison Square Garden on Saturday. UFC 281, held in New York this weekend, was Pereira’s second defeat of his career. Pereira, newly-crowned UFC Middleweight Champion knocked him out during the fifth round.Yahoo Sport Australia. Pereira made Adesanya the winner of her fight, and that changed the course in UFC history.

“It was incredible, something you’d see in a movie,”Dana White, UFC president, stated. “I don’t know who it was, but he said, ‘You’re losing! You need to knock him out in this round. Move forward, throw punches in bunches, let your hands go and you’re going to be a world champion in five minutes.’ It was something straight out of a movie.”Adesanya has been defeated twice by Pereira in kickboxing, in 2016 and 2017. Pereira knocked Adesanya out in 2017’s final round of their kickboxing match for the GLORY Middleweight championship. Pereira was determined to stop Adesanya but Adesanya did not disappoint. “A lot of guys talk publicly and say they want to fight this guy or that guy, but behind the scenes, it’s a different story,”White spoke. “Believe me, he wanted this fight. He’s a stud.”It was Adesanya’s only MMA loss.

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