Is Madelaine Petsch dating anyone since splitting with Travis Mills?

Is Madelaine Petsch dating anyone since splitting with Travis Mills?

Madelaine Petsch was linked to Miles ChamleyWatson, an Olympic fencer (via J-14() After an Instagram post that Chamley-Watson was seen walking Petsch’s dog alongside her, has since been deleted “Riverdale” co-star Camila Mendes. In a Separate Instagram postsPetsch was pictured with the fencer next to him at the event. “Riverdale”Cast’s Friendsgiving dinner was later that year. They were seen walking together in photos taken by several months later. The Daily Mail. According to the outlet, Chamley-Watson was also close to other members of The Associated Press “Riverdale” cast and he reportedly relocated to Vancouver during the show’s filming to spend more time with Petsch.

Although all evidence supports Petsch and Chamley Watson being a married couple, the two have not discussed their romantic relationship. Petsch may have intended this. She broke up with Travis Mills after her relationship was extensively documented on Instagram. “I was so public with my boyfriend,”The “F**k the Prom”Actor shared with Cosmopolitan in 2021, remarking on the fact that she and Mills had constantly broadcast their love via Instagram and YouTube. “I wish I would’ve pulled back a little bit. … Moving forward, I will keep personal relationships like that off my YouTube.”

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