Is Hallmark’s ‘Love Strikes Twice’ Magical Do-Over, and is it a Happily Ever After

Is Hallmark's 'Love Strikes Twice' Magical Do-Over, and is it a Happily Ever AfterWhat if you were given a do-over? Hallmark asks that in their latest Fall Harvest movie, Love Strikes Twice. This stars Katie Findlay (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Nancy Drew), Wyatt Nash (Riverdale, Dear White People), and Marshall Williams (When Hope Calls, Amazing Winter Romance).

This is a movie with a dream that answers the question “what if?” Ready to learn more about this movie?

What Is Hallmark’s Love Strikes Twice About?

According to the Hallmark synopsis, Maggie (Findlay) and Josh (Nash) are a married couple who have gotten out of sync. Maggie asks for a rematch, and when she wakes up, she finds that she has been transported back 15 years.

She is now 37 years old. Once she shakes off her confusion and gets her bearings, Maggie sees this as a chance to find out what her life would’ve been if she had stayed with her ex-boyfriend Rick (Williams).

However, revisiting the past with her present life experiences causes Maggie to see things – and people – in a new light.

Will Maggie choose Josh to be her happily ever after, or will her new perspective make it easier to see the past with her present life experiences?

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When Can You Watch Hallmark’s Love Strikes Twice?

The premiere of Hallmark’s Love Strikes Twice is on Saturday, OctobOctober 29 pm Eastern. Encore screenings will be Sunday, October 3 at 6 pm, Thursday, OctoOctober 7, at 8 pm, Sunday, October 10, at noon, Saturday, October 16 and, Friday, October 16 at 5 pm Eastern.

Did you know that Hallmark stars live-tweet the movie on premiere night? Discuss this fantastic tale with your friends.

Time For Fall HarvestIs Hallmark's 'Love Strikes Twice' Magical Do-Over, and is it a Happily Ever After

Hallmark’s Fall Harvest is filled with stories of the Fall harvest, hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkins, and love.

Taking The Reins premieres on Saturday, September 25, at 9 pm Eastern. This stars Nikki DeLoach (Sweet Autumn, Two Turtle Doves), Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, Ginny & Georgia), Damien Jimenez (Law & Order: Special Victims, Josh Taylor’s Prom Night), and Bill Salvatore (Christmas At Pemberley Manor, Ray Donovan).

This is the story of a writer who returns to her family ranch to write her passion for horses. She discovers the reason she divorced her husband. She is also able to see the reasons she stopped riding horses.

Can she overcome her fear and find true love?

The week after the Love Strikes Twice premiere is the South Beach Love premiere. South Beach Love premieres on Saturday, October 9, at 9 pm October 9on the Hallmark Channel. This movie stars Taylor Cole (Unlocking Christmas) and William Levy (Star, Dancing With The Stars S12).

This movie is based on the New York Times Bestselling Author Caridad Piñeiro and Hallmark Publishing. This is the story about rival quinceañeras.

Don’t forget the premiere of Love Strikes Twice is on Saturday, October 2, at 9 pm Eastern, on the October 2 Channel.

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