Is Crockett Island on ‘Midnight Mass’ Real? Yeh, The Name Is Different, but It’s Real

Is Crockett Island on 'Midnight Mass' Real? Yeh, The Name Is Different, but It's RealMidnight Mass isn’t like a typical horror show. It’s the latest title in a slew of scary series from director-writer Mike Flanagan. His previous works include other horror shows that quickly grew popular, including The Haunting of Bly Manor and The Haunting of Hill House, based on the horror novels by Henry James and Shirley Jackson.

Unlike some of mike’s previous haunted series, this one centers on an isolated island community that experiences miraculous events — and frightening omens — after the arrival of a charismatic, mysterious priest.

And it’s left fans with one big question: Is Crockett Island on”MidnightMass” real?

The island is what brings to life so much of the scary moments in the Netflix show, and for anyone wondering if it’s real, technically, it’s not. You can still visit. Crockett Island, as we’ve seen in Midnight Mass, is not a real place.

But the fictional island is an actual location — it just goes by a different name. UnlikeMike’ss The Haunting of Bly Manor, which was primarily computer-generated, Crockett Island is an actual filming location.

Location of Midnight Mass on Netflix

Midnight Mass is filmed in Richmond, British Columbia, in Canada. Garry Point Park is its real name and makes Crockett Island a Creepy island. The park is gorgeous and far less scary than the movies make it seem.”The unique rolling and open landscape Garry Point Park includes the Kuno Garden, a Japanese style memorial garden, beached logs, and beach access, expansive open areas for picnicking and kite flying and power kiting interpretive signage, and the fisherman’s Memorial Needle on the south side of the park” the website for the park reads.

“Additional heritage aspects in the park include a heritage moorage facility with buildings and docks at historic Scotch Pond located on the north side of the park.”

It would be hard to pick out the real filming location for Midnight Mass because the production crew went an extra mile to make the beautiful landscape look a lot creepier. The production team built a village in Garry Point Park, which was used as the setting for horror scenes.

That’s a wrap on MIDNIGHT MASS. This production was a remarkable, unimaginable success, and I am proud of the cast and crew. It has been, and I don’t say it lightly, the best production experience of all my professional career.

— Mike Flanagan (@flanaganfilm) December 16, 2020” Kate [Siegel] and I were the last Americans from the show to leave Vancouver, and from the airplane window, I could see our sets standing at Garry Point Park” Mike shared on Twitter in December 2020.”They’d remain standing for months, at the mercy of the elements, and we had no idea when or if we’d be able to return.”

According to IMDb, the show is also partially shot at a studio in the area, The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, the same studio where some scenes in The Haunting of Bly Manner were filmed.

Midnight Mass is currently streaming on Netflix.

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