Is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Joe and Serena Still together?

Is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Joe and Serena Still together?

This is how we know Joe is truly over Kendall — he and Serena seem to be still going strong. Back in August, photos surfaced of Joe and Serena getting snuggly in Chicago.

Serena clearly states that she will move to Chicago or, at the very least, try it out. That was the main contention between Joe Kendall and Serena. It is pretty encouraging to see photos of Joe and Serena in Chicago.Is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Joe and Serena Still together?

Not only that, but the Bachelor Nation Scoop Instagram account uncovered a major accidental spoiler from our beloved Abigail Heringer. In a photo Serena posted on her social media, Abigail commented, “I’m stealing you away from [Joe Amabile]” before deleting the comment.

And if anyone would know the status of Serena and Joe’s relationship, it’s likely that Abigail, who seems to be friends with Serena, would know.

Plus, both Serena and Joe seem relatively happy on their social media accounts, so although they’re unable to spoil anything for us, they might seem sadder if they split up. Are they still together? All signs point to yes, but we all know that anything’s possible in Bachelor Nation.

New episodes of Bachelor in Paradise air every Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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