Is Alden From Walking Dead Alive After His Recent Injury? Spoilers Ahead

The last time we left the group was on The Walking Dead Maggie’s survivors were facing a dark future. The group was left with no ammunition, food, or the ability to fight more Reapers. They were attacked in the final seconds of Season 11 Episode 3. One of the members of the group. While he was badly hurt, does this mean that he’ll die? Here are the facts about Alden’s future.

Episode 3 of the final season. The Walking Dead Alden is hurt in a fight in a departmental store. The Reapers kill Roy and Cole, wound Negan and Gabriel, while Duncan is fatally injured. Daryll, Elijah, and Maggie are captured.

Is Alden From Walking Dead Alive After His Recent Injury? Spoilers Ahead

Alden suffers two serious stomach injuries before he can get help. Maggie and Negan manage to get Alden to an older church. However, he refers only to himself as “a.” “dead man walking”And he is determined not to let his friends down, but to sacrifice himself. Maggie says they will all return, but his fans aren’t certain she will.

One Reddit theory pays close attention to symbolism around the church. A burnt walker is tied to a tree. Alden betrayed Negan so maybe the Reapers will find him to give him the same treatment. This suggests that Alden isn’t a character in the story. In the Walking Dead comics, Dante’s comics iteration is being replaced by him.

Dante’s personality in comics seems to be similar to Alden’s on the show. Dante was the Whisperer spy. As they share an emotional connection with Maggie, Comics-Dante is a better match for Alden’s personality. Episode 3: Alden tells Maggie straight that Maggie is the reason he left Saviors. “I trust you to do the right thing, no matter how hard it is or how much it costs you”, he admits.

Maggie seems to be more upset about Alden’s situation than she was about losing other characters. These horrifying Reddit theories may not be true and Alden will see Negan again.

Unfortunately, it appears like The Walking Dead has a history of killing characters who are beloved by the group in horrifying ways. Fans will need to keep their fingers crossed.

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